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Our Story

Since our founding in 2011, Restaurant365 has been committed to the restaurant industry, continually innovating to create the leading all-in-one, restaurant-specific, cloud-based accounting, inventory, scheduling, payroll and HR solution to simplify day-to-day restaurant operations, lower cost of goods sold (CoGS) and optimize labor costs. Now, uniting Compeat and Ctuit with Restaurant365 creates a restaurant management software powerhouse that provides everything restaurant operators need to drive efficiency and profitability.

Who We Are

Restaurant365 is a rapidly growing SaaS company disrupting the restaurant industry. Our cloud-based platform provides a unique, all-in-one accounting and operations solution for restaurants. The team at R365 is passionate and is dedicated to facilitating optimal productivity and profitability for every restaurant business.

What We Do

Since our first release in September 2012, we’ve helped thousands of restaurants do away with their generic ERP software and move to a platform that meets needs particular to the restaurant industry. With Restaurant365, restaurant businesses can manage a restaurant’s back office productivity from a single system and seamlessly integrate with POS, payroll, banking, vendors and more, resulting in less time spent on manual tasks, and improved visibility and control of their bottom line.

We’re proud to say our client base is diverse and dynamic, just like the restaurant industry. Concept of all types, from independent restaurant concepts to franchisee groups, as well as leading accounting firms servicing restaurants, trust Restaurant365 to help manage and streamline their back office.

Where We Are

Irvine, CA

Located in the heart of Orange County, the Irvine office serves as the Restaurant365 HQ.

Austin, TX

Located in the Riata Corporate Park, the Austin office serves as the home for an amazing and dynamic team.

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Glorian Leach
F&D: Cantina; Kitchen & Bar; Woodfired Italian Kitchen

If you want a successful restaurant, and at any given moment, want to understand how your business is doing while also having complete control of it, the only way to go is Restaurant365.