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Maximize Your Independent Restaurant’s Potential

There’s no job too big or small for independent restauranteurs, and there’s no average day. But how much time is spent on administrative work that could go toward improving operations to bolster the bottom line or guests’ experiences? With R365, savvy entrepreneurs get out of the walk-in and away from the computer while streamlining accounting and back-office systems to power data-driven decision-making with integrated POS, labor, and operations reports.

Small Businesses Trust Restaurant365

Dish Society
Commander's Palace
Zullee Mediterranean Grill

Transform Your Operations Into Margin-Boosting Powerhouses

“The level of detail you can create in R365 is tremendous. Before, I could track just the cost of goods against food. Now it’s broken down into beef, pork, poultry, seafood, etc. I have all the details and all the data I need, including the history of all purchase prices.”

Kevin Grant

Zia Taqueria , Chef and Owner

The Power of Restaurant-Specific Technology

Up-To-Date Data Anytime, Anywhere

Enable intelligent forecasting and pricing by centralizing all your purchasing data in one platform that automatically pulls daily sales and labor numbers directly from your POS. Track your performance no matter your physical location and use convenient drill-down features to find and fix trouble spots.

Find Your Focus and Flow 

Start by digitizing the entire inventory management process to reduce errors and reveal ways to fine-tune food costs. Automate payments with digital invoice capture and paper-free payment processing. Finally, eliminate the hassle of manual bank reconciliation with automation and integration, and reduce the time it takes to reconcile your book.

Make Staffing a Cinch

Hire, onboard, and pay the best candidates to save you time and money and provide employees with the opportunity to start strong. With your team in place, R365 can help you create schedules 75% faster and save an average of 3% on labor costs by using analytics to reduce overtime and help match staffing levels to sales.

Partner Ecosystem

Tap Into The Power Of Partners

R365 easily integrates with your POS, vendors, and bank without costly, time-consuming workarounds.

The Recipe For Success

Whether you’re launching your dream or in growth mode, R365’s simple pricing and industry-focused offerings give you what you need to be at your best today and down the line.



Master food costs, optimize labor, and set the table for success with a complete suite of solutions.


Per location, billed quarterly


Looking For More Options?

Whether you’re interested in improving accounting or operations or want to heat up margins with an integrated package, R365 has the right order.

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Learn more about the only cloud-based, all-in-one restaurant-specific accounting, inventory, scheduling, payroll, HR, and reporting software platform that seamlessly integrates with your POS, vendors, and financial institution.