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Welcome to the R365 Resource Hub. Here you’ll find guides and blogs to help you improve your restaurant operations, recorded webinars, upcoming events, case studies, industry news, and much more.

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Proprietary platform uses AI and content customization to deliver essential restaurant training
Every time an employee leaves your restaurant, it impacts your bottom line. There are costs for covering the employee’s work, placing employment ads for a replacement, and the...
When choosing a hiring solution, Mr. Foust knew that he wanted to make the hiring process "as digital as possible, moving everything to a cloud-based system so we...
Labor costs typically take up to 25-35% of revenue. Learn how much you can save.

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Eli's uses labor tools, inventory, recipes, automated AP integrations and invoices that accommodate vendor price fluctuations for ingredients making data-driven pricing much easier.
Thanks to R365's ability to gather accounting, operations, and employee scheduling in one place and produce up-to-date reports that show opportunities for improvement, Kabob House reduced its Prime...
R365 has exceeded the CFO’s expectations for support amidst Freddy’s rapid growth. With the system up and running, they have opened 13 new owned stores without scaling the...
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Bricco Dining Group initially closed for four months, which had an impact on business. However, Mr. Sharp has used this time as an...
Ballard estimates the team is already saving in excess of 50 hours a month with R365 but is looking forward to the full implementation and training rollout to...
“It would be hard to overstate how much value we have gotten from Restaurant365,” said Mr. Healy. Indeed, since implementing the platform, HOUSEpitality Family has been able to...

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R365 is a top industry expert when it comes to restaurant data and trends. Check out some interesting insights in publications such as NRN, Bloomberg, Forbes, and Hospitality Technology.

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Workforce Management

Streamline the entire employee lifecycle from hire to retire and improve employee retention.


Restaurant Staffing

Learn how to better navigate the current restaurant staffing shortage and cut labor costs.



Learn ways to optimize your costs, increase revenue, and run a more successful business.


Operational Efficiency

Learn ways to improve your operations and reporting to enable data-driven decisions.


Inventory Management

Uncover hidden profits and enable your managers to fully control food costs.


Finance Management

Simplify your accounting practices and ensure all of your financial data is accurate.


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