Inventory Management

Uncover hidden profits and enable your managers to fully control food costs.

Ultra Steak has been a mainstay outside Indianapolis, Indiana since the 1960s. The company, which today
Restaurant365 kicked off the second year of its rapidly expanding Restaurant Transformation Tour on March 9
Ordering and receiving inventory are critical tasks for any restaurant. It involves ensuring that the restaurant
Lunch is getting out of control. For many diners, what was once a quick, welcome break
Unless you’ve learned photosynthesis to create your food like plants, you’re probably well-aware of rising food
The restaurant industry has proven itself as a pillar of resiliency in recent years, and unfortunately,
Restaurants today spend a mere 1.97% of their gross annual revenue on technology, according to Hospitality
In 2015, with eleven locations and growing quickly, California Fish Grill realized its Quickbooks Desktop system
R365 State of the Industry Customer Survey results show that 60% of surveyed customers plan to
You know that the little things matter no matter the size of your restaurant. From how
Buckhead Management Group manages several restaurant concepts across Kentucky in both fine-dining and fast-casual. BMG had
Millennium Restaurant Group was formed by a group of restaurateurs from the Kalamazoo, Michigan area in
As a restaurant operator, food is your life. It is a passion, obsession, and one of
If you’re not getting the highest profit margin from your menu items, this handy tutorial will provide everything you need to start boosting profits by using data to re-engineer your menu.
Restaurants are all about amazing food and unforgettable memories. Unfortunately, there’s more required to ensure a
Like cooking, the entire restaurant industry balances strength and finesse. Few can break down a 400-pound
R365’s improved payroll solution prioritizes convenience, enabling restaurant owners to attract and retain top talent. IRVINE,
Agliolio is an Italian restaurant concept focusing on local, responsibly-sourced ingredients with multiple locations in Florida.
Golden Bee Enterprises is a Burger King® franchisee group based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. The
Paris Baguette is a bakery café specializing in pastries, breads, and various drinks. With over 3,000
IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 8, 2022 – Restaurant365, the leading all-in-one restaurant enterprise management software, reported that demand remained strong
This article originally appeared in Bar Business Magazine. The 2022 NFL season kicks off on Thursday,
Insight into Prime Cost is key to succeeding in any economy, including  the most challenging ones.
There are very few industries where efficiency is as important as in the restaurant world. And

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