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Finance Management

Simplify your accounting practices and ensure all of your financial data is accurate.

Here are key menu planning strategies to consider for Father’s Day and beyond.
From inventory management to actual vs. theoretical reporting, explore tips to reduce food waste and boost the bottom line.
Get an inside look at a restaurant’s back of house operations and discover how modern restaurant BOH technology can help save time and drive growth.
BLOG / Is a Service Charge a Tip? Understanding Service Fees vs. Tips  Is a Service Charge a Tip? Understanding Service Fees vs. Tips  Let’s
Explore valuable insights into the current state of the restaurant industry, equipping you with the knowledge to make informed decisions for the remainder of the
Explore innovative methods to revitalize your restaurant offerings and operations.
Since implementing R365, Taco John’s franchisee Paxton Keiser Enterprises cut food cost by 2.5 percentage points, saved hours on accounting tasks, and empowered managers with real-time data.
Background Founded in 2010 in Louisville, Colorado, Sweet Cow Ice Cream churns small batches of handcrafted ice cream into delicious treats. With items like Lucky
Why tipping practices matter, how they impact restaurant success, and how advancements in restaurant software are providing new opportunities to improve tip management.
R365's annual survey reveals operators in 2024 are planning additional marketing technology, promotions, and loyalty programs, as well as investment in the back-of-house tech stack,
Soon after implementing R365, manual Excel reporting became a thing of the past as automated data imported from the POS system quickly offered detailed insights
With Restaurant365, Snarf's has a renewed focus on financial education for GMs, streamlined operations, and significantly reduced food costs on its way to hit its
With plans to grow from 12 to 38 locations in the next five years, Whataburger franchisee GVCS Inc is leaning on R365 as a a
In the restaurant industry, staying ahead of the pack demands innovative solutions that elevate operational efficiency and profitability. A Good Egg Dining Group, a thriving
Tony Smith, CEO and co-founder of Restaurant365, reveals that the majority of respondents from a 5,500- location study are planning digital, operational and physical investments.
A new year brings new beginnings and opportunities for transformation in the restaurant industry. It’s the perfect time to look back on a few things
BLOG  /  R365’s Patti Lynn Walker Discusses Raising the Industry Success Rate with Technology R365’s Patti Lynn Walker Discusses Raising the Industry Success Rate with
With an integrated restaurant management platform that automates accounting and reporting functions, companies can identify which locations are excelling and then dig into exactly what’s
The “strength” of a menu item is determined by several factors. First, ask how many people are ordering the item. Second, examine how much it
While restaurant labor costs are flattening, and even in some cases cooling a bit, the new numbers remain significantly higher than where they were even
Some restaurant owners work their salary into their business model so that they will get paid right away. Others pay themselves a percentage of the
What is restaurant accounting? Accurate, timely, and detailed restaurant accounting is one of the key factors for maintaining a healthy profit margin. With restaurant accounting,
Since its establishment in 2010, JINYA Holdings has experienced remarkable growth within its restaurant portfolio, and now operates nearly 60 franchise ramen locations as of
Restaurant accounting specialists People Serving People (PSP) today has a singular focus: Help restaurants successfully serve guests and boost profitability by implementing Restaurant365’s integrated, all-in-one restaurant accounting

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