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All-In-One Accounting to Fuel Growth

Restaurant industry accounting firms have a unique set of needs, challenges, and opportunities. With R365, accounting firms can easily integrate with their customers and the industry’s myriad technologies to automate time-consuming tasks, reduce workloads, and focus on better serving their customers to drive mutual growth.

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Strengthen Your Restaurant Accounting Business with R365

“First, Restaurant365 enables us to be more efficient, so we can take on more clients. By eliminating the manual entry and all the exporting we used to have to do, R365 saves us between half an hour to an hour a week per client. If we were still using QuickBooks, I would have had to hire at least five more people just to do the data entry for the larger clients we now serve.”

Mark Rubinstein

On-Call Restaurant Accounting, Founder & President

Give Yourself the Competitive Advantage 

Reap The Benefits of an Industry-Specific Platform

Use a system that speaks the same language as you and your clients. With the ability to connect with hundreds POS systems, technologies, and vendors, you’ll deliver better service and reporting to your key accounts with little friction or delay. In doing so, become your clients’ most trusted adviser enabling you to grow together.

Speed Up Simple, Repetitive Tasks

Save on overhead costs by eliminating the need for staff to conduct routine work like data entry. Dedicate found time toward better advising clients or focusing on strategic initiatives that create value for your business.

Tap A Well Of Value

As a R365 accounting partner, you’ll be in a strong position to win new business from either the tens of thousands of restaurants on our platform or the countless more using time consuming, antiquated systems that drag down operations and margins.

Partner Ecosystem

Capture Every Data Point

R365 seamlessly connects to all major POS, F&B and other vendors, and financial institutions, ensuring you have everything you need to meaningfully serve your clients.

Let’s Team Up To Help Restaurants Thrive

Learn how you can grow your accounting practice with the industry’s only cloud-based, all-in-one restaurant-specific accounting, inventory, scheduling, payroll, HR, and reporting software platform.