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Move Faster with Integrated Banking

Connect your financial institutions directly to R365 to easily and automatically see and download all transactions. Reduce bank reconciliation from a teamwide, days-long process into a few hours.

Bank Integration

Drive Efficiency with Secure Integration

Get back to your most important work by integrating your bank directly with R365.

Bank Reconciliation

Reconcile in Hours Instead of Days

Avoid the dreaded end-of-month slog with automated bank reconciliation.

AP Automation

Boost Time and Accuracy with AP Automation

Automate your entire accounts payable process from invoice capture to approval workflow with cost-effective payment options.

Learn How Accounting Teams Save Time with Banking

I upload the bank data, go to the reconciliation, and everything’s already matched — there’s zero difference between the amount the bank says went out and what we said went out. I approve it and move on. It’s almost fun because I know that it’s going to get done so quickly and easily.
Colin Healy,
HOUSEpitality Family
HOUSEpitality Family
For 34 restaurants, the ability to have one person do all reconciliations from the bank, multiple credit card companies, and multiple delivery companies, is priceless.
Paul Potvin,
California Fish Grill
California Fish Grill


Not Using Restaurant-Specific Accounting?

R365 facilitates automated bank reconciliation and accounts payable, while POS integration helps automate daily sales and payroll accrual to save your team time and prevent errors.


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about R365 Accounting and our Banking capabilities.

There is no charge for the integration. Bank integration is a foundational part of R365 and is included.

There is no limit on the frequency or number of times you can reconcile your cash balances with your bank’s corresponding numbers.
You can perform automated bank reconciliation via direct web connect or file upload.

Automate All Your Banking Activities

Automate bank reconciliation and accounts payable, plus automatically download your bank activity transactions all from within R365.