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Restaurant Staffing

Learn how to better navigate the current restaurant staffing shortage and cut labor costs.

Learn some of the best practices to implement come January for you and your team to help grow your business.
Learn about some key areas to review at the end of the year to close the year out on a high note while also conducting
Learn how to establish and manage an efficient commissary kitchen that helps your business thrive in today's competitive restaurant industry.
While restaurant labor costs are flattening, and even in some cases cooling a bit, the new numbers remain significantly higher than where they were even
Despite increased sales, operators must take action to combat a 13% increase in food costs and an 8% increase in labor.
Sold-out event to feature a conversation with award-winning chef Stephanie Izard, 15+ hours of customizable training, networking sessions, and a solutions bar.
Managing food costs is more important than ever. Food prices have risen 6.7% this year – outpacing inflation at 4%. Margarine, for example, spiked 22.5%,
Learn how understanding your average profit margin will help you track your restaurant’s financial health and show you where you can improve operations.
Learn how to leverage the data and attributes in Restaurant365 Intelligence, and how to pair them to drive the insights your restaurant needs to succeed!
Discover the best practices, insider tips, and techniques to help you design profit-driving dashboards and reports with R365 Intelligence.
Learn the eight steps you can take to keep food costs in check and your restaurant on track.
Walid Jamal tells the story of the American Dream through his company, JHG Restaurants’ Michigan IHOPs. His family emigrated from Lebanon when he and his
Learn how to calculate labor cost percentage to streamline your labor operations.
Paperchase is a global, hospitality-oriented accounting firm dedicated to providing clients with the tools, insights, and time to nurture their businesses to their full potential.
Learn how operators streamline their responsibilities in an integrated, all-in-one restaurant enterprise management platform
Learn how restaurant accountants use our integrated, automated cloud-based system that empowers them to spend more time advising the business.
Restaurants are many things. They’re community gathering places and stages for celebrations and pivotal life events. They’re where careers begin and flourish and, for many
The profitability and growth of restaurant companies are directly linked to the success of their employees. And by success, it’s not their ability to perform
After kicking off in Austin and following up with stops in Miami, Los Angeles’ historic Wiltern Theatre, and San Francisco’s iconic Julia Morgan Ballroom, Restaurant365’s
Another edition of the world’s largest gathering of food service and hospitality professionals has come and gone. And while the National Restaurant Association’s annual show
Leading restaurant enterprise management software company surpasses $1B valuation.
Restaurant365 will demo new and upcoming products and enhancements, present an educational TECH Talk, and host a Solutions Bar. IRVINE, CALIF., May 19, 2023 –
This guide provides strategies for restaurant operators to hire faster and attract talent in a rapidly-changing workforce.
R365 Intelligence enables restaurant operators to combine metrics from disparate platforms with R365 data for complete BI reporting in a centralized location.  IRVINE, CALIF., April

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