Restaurant365 Connect

Your Connections. Your Way.

Are disparate systems and lack of integration hindering your restaurant operation? The Restaurant365 Connect Strategy is altering the restaurant industry by moving control and optimization into the hands of the restaurant operator. You get your connections, your way.

Unlike generic accounting platforms, R365 is the hub for the integration of your restaurant technology. In addition to providing a comprehensive restaurant accounting and operations platform, R365 seamlessly connects to the top POS systems, vendors and banks – giving your technology the ability to “talk” to each other. Restaurant365 eliminates the need to review one system, export your data and upload it into another system.  In R365, it’s seamless. It’s automated. It’s connected.

Not all integrations are equal. While some generic accounting platforms offer custom integrations, they’re both costly and time consuming. With Restaurant365, integration is an integral part of the platform. And, with API Connect, R365 can connect to just about any system or platform required to run a successful restaurant operation.

POS Integration

R365 pulls detailed (not just summary) sales, payments and labor data from the POS.  All sales ticket information, payment and discount types, and clock-in/clock-out by job and employee come in directly from your POS system, which in turn, automatically creates daily sales and labor accrual journal entries for your general ledger and for reporting purposes.

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Vendor Integration

R365 integrates with your food and beverage vendors, so that you can automate the vendor invoice process, saving hours in manual entry. Keep your vendors in check with performance insights, while auto updating food costs and inventory based on vendors.

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API Connect

R365’s API Connect allows you to connect with other pertinent systems and platforms. Our APIs let you pass in or extract data for virtually all types of business objectives.

Bank Integration

R365 eases your bank reconciliation challenges. Enjoy automated bank reconciliation via direct web connect or file upload and easily record daily deposits with automated tracking.

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Webinar: R365 Integrations Overview

Looking to bring your back-office tech stack onto one connected platform? Learn how you can with R365 during our next webinar.

Wes Johnson
Buckhead Management

We need data to integrate and talk to each other. It’s unbelievably important. Being able to manage our bank transactions and manage the process of deposits going from the POS system through the banking system into Restaurant365 using the DSS every day – it’s seamless. All of those integrations work well so that it’s the dream of an all-in-one system.

Amanda Jabbs
Food Fight Restaurant Group

I’ve been in restaurant accounting my whole career and never saw anything that integrates so nicely and cleanly.

Park Burger
Lynn Scharff
Park Burger

When I came on board and looked at our accounting system at the time, nothing reconciled — AP ledgers didn’t tie to G/L, intercompany accounts didn’t net, and we had credit balances in inventory accounts. R365 is much more user friendly and helps me prevent a lot of potential errors. I have created a ton of efficiencies just through bank reconciliations and all of the import capabilities.

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