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Tipping the Scales:

How to Streamline Restaurant Payroll with Tip Automation

From an accounting and administrative standpoint, restaurant tips have long been difficult to monitor, track, disburse and record. With so many cooks in the kitchen, managing them was a challenge fraught with potential risk. 

Watch as restaurant veterans and R365 product experts Tyler Kump and Sondra Monaco look at how innovative restaurants are using tip automation within integrated payroll to manage tip pools and shares faster and with greater accuracy. 

💪  Boost payroll confidence 

✅  Remove human error   

🔎  Increase transparency & Insight  

⏳  Save Time  

Meet the Speakers

Sondra Monaco

Sondra Monaco

Solutions Engineer

Sondra is a solutions engineer at R365 who started with the company’s payroll implementation team more than three years ago. She has more than a decade of restaurant accounting experience dedicated to helping restaurants use technology to better understand and grow their businesses. She has worked in restaurants most of her adult life and is passionate about sharing her restaurants accounting experience and knowledge with as many restaurant owners, operators, and leaders as possible 

Tyler Kump

Director, Implementation – HCM

Tyler Kump is the director of implementation, HCM at Restaurant365. Tyler has been working with organizations large and small to implement accounting and payroll software for the past 20 years. In that time, he successfully implemented systems for over 100 colleges and universities, skilled nursing facilities and many restaurants. Tyler currently oversees implementation for Restaurant365’s workforce product line.