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Food for Thought Series: Larry Lujan's Pork Green Chili

Food for Thought Series: Larry Lujan's Pork Green Chili

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Shane Houston

This month, we’re highlighting an important family recipe from our Implementation Manager of Operations, Larry Lujan. Styled in the New Mexico tradition, this recipe is their family’s Sunday Football ritual.


A key part of Restaurant365’s culture and a common thread between all the members of our community is an affinity for food.

Each month, an employee’s recipe is shared throughout the organization. These recipes are more than just a list of ingredients and instructions, they give us a sneak peek into the lives of our coworkers. We have the opportunity to see special recipes that hold memories, stand the test of time, and claim a significant place in someone’s heart. 

What better way to bond and share pieces of our personal lives than with our core value of Love Good Food?

Naturally, we want to start sharing that with you. Not only will you get to see a glimpse of what it’s like to be a part of our community, you’ll get to know some of the people working behind the scenes as R365 continues to shape the future of the restaurant industry. 

Now, enjoy this family recipe shared by our very own Larry Lujan, Implementation Manager of Operations. 

A Note from Larry

This is my mother’s green chili and one of the staples I grew up enjoying. I am not sure how far the recipe goes back in my mom’s family, but it is something her and her sisters learned to make from my grandmother. My wife and I learned from my mom, and we will be passing it on to our children.

There are many variations of green chili, and some are even green, but my mom was raised in New Mexico so that is the influence of this variation. My addition to the recipe was the use of serrano peppers as I feel it adds a nice layer of flavor and heat.

My fondest memory of this meal is Sunday mornings, or afternoons growing up! We are football fans and to be specific, we love our Denver Broncos! Let’s RIDE! My mom would typically start preparing the meal in accordance with the time of the game so we could all enjoy the game with the meal! I remember the smell of the toasted flour, tortillas warming and the roasted tomato filling the house. When we prepare it now, those aromas still take me back to my childhood!

Food is fun and experimental. Preparing this recipe is easy but can also be added to depending on your preferences. Like I said, my mom and her sisters all learned the same way, but at family get togethers, you can taste slight variations in their cooking and that makes it fun!

Mom's Pork Green Chili

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  1. Start by roasting the tomato and chilis. Typically I would roast the veggies on an open grill, but you can broil them in the oven for 5-10 minute or until blistered.

  2. Once blistered nicely, use a food processor to chop up to desired consistency. Set aside.

  3. Next, toast flour. Many of my moms recipes have a toasting stage, including her Spanish Rice which goes great with this. Toasting adds depth and layer to the flavors. If you skip this step, you will surely notice the difference. Whisk constantly when you do this as the flour can easily burn. Once the flour is a very light brown color, remove from heat and set aside.

  4. Now brown the pork in a large, deep pan on medium/high heat with just a little bit of oil.

  5. You can add the flour 2 ways. You can make a roux or we like to add it directly to the cooked pork to make it easier.

  6. Add the chili/tomato mix to the pan and mix which makes a paste like texture.

  7. Now add water. Start with 1 cup. Once the flour has thickened, mix in more water until it’s the desired consistency. Add in salt, pepper and garlic salt to taste. Cook on low/medium heat for 10-12 min and it’s done!

Sunday Night Football Cookout

Smelling this dish brings back fond game day childhood memories. From his mom to him, and from him to his kids, this recipe will be passed down just like their obsession with their beloved Broncos.


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