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How We're Changing Restaurant Operations

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Restaurants today are living and working in an era with no simple path to continued success. There are constantly shifting consumer preferences. Social and other new media channels are continuously establishing and dismissing trends. Product availability, price, and popularity are continually rising and falling. There’s the perpetual need for great teams, but workers’ demands are evolving, as are the ways they can have the greatest impact on guests and the overall business.

A Modern Restaurant Operations Guide

To help owners and operators create incredible guest experiences, prosper, and grow in today’s restaurant landscape, Restaurant365’s industry veteran product leaders and engineers built the only all-in-one, integrated, and restaurant-specific Restaurant Enterprise Management (REM) platform. R365 centralizes the most important accounting and operations functions by placing all of the critical data from once disparate financial institutions, vendors, and technology providers in one place. With it, teams trade time-consuming, manual work for pared down, and in some cases automated, processes that are more accurate and more timely, giving store-level managers and above the time and tools to effectively tackle any challenge and seize any opportunity.

Simply put, Restaurant365 helps owners and operators peel back the onion of restaurant operations to find the core drivers of successes and limitations and tackle them to cut a path toward improving profits, efficiency, and growth.

It all starts with best-in-class tools to ensure your managers and teams are at their best each and every shift. This means streamlined inventories to maintain accurate cost assessments; recipes to ensure every dish is prepared to the highest quality, and accounting, standards, employee hiring, onboarding; and scheduling to keep your team moving; and integrated accounting to ensure your number crunchers, whether a team of one or a lean and mean back-office department, are at their best.

Beyond these critical functions, Restaurant365 offers products, features, and tools that take restaurants far beyond success at the shift or location level to help them thrive by creating incredible guest experiences and record-breaking profits.

How Integration Drives Restaurant Operations

Integration sits at the heart of it all. Just as today’s avid eaters can choose from an almost limitless lineup of cuisines and restaurants, owners and operators work with a sea of vendors, financial institutions, and technology and service providers to operate their business. Restaurant365 is where all those come together, giving leaders a single place to easily access, analyze, and manage their business. With a partner ecosystem of more than 400 leading industry players, you can be sure R365 is already working with those helping you succeed or can connect with someone to take you to new heights.

That integration leads to a storm of higher-order benefits that couldn’t exist without it. Of course, integration between R365’s industry-leading Smart Ops and accounting features and nearly 100 POS systems is one of the most significant benefit drivers.

Smarter Inventory Management

Combine POS integration with R365’s inventory, which can be taken on any mobile device, and includes tools to prevent duplication, ensure consistency, and eliminate errors with automatically imported sales data and you can quickly understand your critical Cost of Goods Sold. No more manually downloading, cleaning, uploading, and processing key data that arrives too late and is soon out of date.

Profit-Leading Labor

The same goes for your labor; the other half of Prime Cost and CoGS’ equally significant and difficult-to-manage expense. With Restaurant365, you can monitor sales in real-time and make data-driven decisions, not intuition-driven guesses, on appropriate staffing levels. Easily and quickly see historical sales to budget and forecast upcoming staffing needs and analyze previous strategies to help guide you toward a more efficient future.

Restaurant365 focuses on driving that efficiency across your organization. In your accounting department, it’s as simple as automated bank reconciliation, intercompany transactions, and franchisee royalty billing that returns untold hours to some of your most astute employees and frees them to analyze the data and make an even larger contribution to your organization.

For your managers, R365 Workforce streamlines the entire employee lifecycle, from hire to retire, and enables managers to recruit, interview, hire, and onboard all-stars faster than ever, so they spend less time in front of the computer and more time on the floor interacting with guests, or training and supporting the next generation of leaders.


While all of the trends and economic conditions that dictate the restaurant industry’s reality today will surely shift, what won’t is the need for an end-to-end, integrated REM platform that’s constantly improving. By seamlessly connecting familiar front-of-house technologies with back-of-house systems and a robust partner ecosystem, Restaurant365 helps restaurants become stronger, more profitable, and even more important members of the communities where they are already cornerstones.