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Jersey Mike’s Stays ‘A Sub Above’ the Competition with Cloud-based Accounting

Jersey Mike’s Stays ‘A Sub Above’ the Competition with Cloud-based Accounting

Jenny Day

Jenny Day

Learn how Jersey Mike’s franchisees leverage Restaurant365 to automate their accounting functions. 

Marnie Feinour is the president of The Bottom Line, a well-established public accounting firm that provides accounting and tax services for various franchise brands nationwide, including more than 720 Jersey Mike’s Subs outlets and various other franchise brands. 

Here’s how Feinour and team grew The Bottom Line into a dynamic and brand-diverse firm—and how it leverages Restaurant365 to help franchisees grow and automate their accounting functions. 

“We love what Restaurant365 brings to the table. They help us harness technology and work with other brands. We integrate with their point-of-sale system, and the manual process goes away. It is much more efficient."​

Modern restaurant accounting systems should involve full integrations between tools. The most important integration is between your restaurant accounting system and your Point of Sale (POS) system. The POS system has real-time, detailed snapshots of daily sales, menu performance, and labor cost metrics. Having this data stored and tracked with your accounting system can help you identify historical trends, make decisions about current costs, and forecast future sales and labor needs.

“The fact that it takes the time difference out of the equation is huge. Our clients are not local, and the Restaurant365 cloud solution allows them to sign in and see what’s happening no matter where they are.”

Cloud-based software gives you the flexibility of connecting to your restaurant business anywhere, any time and from any device.  Having a cloud-based POS system and a cloud-based accounting system is especially important.

Additionally, a POS system that connects with your other cloud-based restaurant technology providers can streamline processes and reduce inefficiencies.  It’s crucial that your cloud-based POS system integrates seamlessly with your cloud-based accounting system to centralize your daily sales and labor data.  Keeping track of this data daily enables you to make immediate, data-driven decisions.


What is the Average Profit Margin for a Restaurant?

“Our client base can access their financial data more efficiently. They can get weekly financial guidance, and the key performance indicators pulled out of the system will allow them to jump on top of things that don’t look right much quicker. In quick-service restaurants, that is very critical.”

Having immediate visibility into all the key drivers of your restaurant performance is a strategic differentiator for your successful operation. Your POS system and restaurant management system holds data on your sales, labor, inventory, menus, and various operational and financial aspects of your business, but it requires real-time access to the data to generate actionable insights for day-to-day operational decision-making, as well as to make decisions about when and how to expand your business. Real-time reporting keeps you up to date on your spending, allowing you to make immediate, data-driven decisions to control your prime costs.

“We don’t have to do any of that manual work with Restaurant365. The system’s flexible integration service makes a massive difference in our world.”

An end-to-end AP automation solution efficiently streamlines the accounts payable process by providing the means for vendors to upload invoices directly into your accounting system, or in the case of paper invoices, allows you to scan and upload them to the system. Then, it routes invoices through workflows for approval and securely sends payments to your vendor through multiple payment options. AP automation can significantly reduce manual accounting tasks and as you add locations, you can do so without adding resources to your accounting staff.

“We’re making a big push this year to convert all of our brands to harness the technology of Restaurant365. It will double our efficiency. If it took us 10 hours to do something, we envision it will take us less than five.”

Accounting teams spend days, sometimes weeks, reconciling last month’s bank activity. Automated bank reconciliation systems can connect directly with your bank, allowing you to connect your financial institutions directly to the bank activity feature in your accounting software and automatically download your bank activity transactions. Consequently, with direct integration, you can reconcile your activity every day in just minutes, rather than waiting until the end of the month.


Restaurant365 now integrates directly with Jersey Mike’s POS. It’s a winning combination that helps you scale your accounting and operations while reducing Prime Costs.

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