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Podcast: Preventing Burnout in Industries with High Turnover Rates

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Tony Smith, CEO and co-founder of R365, sits down with Jonathan Westover on the Human Capital Innovations podcast to discuss building a strong team, improving workplace culture, and preventing burnout in a high-turnover industry. 

In a normal year, 70% turnover is standard for the restaurant industry. Building a strong team and workplace culture can help reduce employee burnout, which often leads to turnover. In this podcast, Tony shares his ideas of how restaurant operators can build a culture of autonomy, mastery, and purpose to convert hourly restaurant staff into loyal, long-term employees.


Autonomy is the feeling of being self-directed. It includes the 4 T’s: task, time, technique, and team. Giving employees the technology to personalize their shifts by swapping out hours, duties, and with whom they work with all from their mobile device is a huge morale booster.


Mastery is the feeling of growth and improvement. Operators who invest in their employee’s growth by providing the proper training needed for advancement build trust and loyalty within their restaurants.


Purpose is knowing that we are working towards something worthwhile. Nine out of 10 managers are employees that joined the company in a different role. Operators can share that statistic, provide mentorship, and create personalized advancement plans to create future managers.