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A Slice of Success from Fresh Brothers


Fresh Brothers needed a system that could reduce the manual labor associated with a more than 22-store pizza business in order to obtain business intelligence reporting and better analytics to drive growth.


With Restaurant365’s industry-specific tools, Fresh Brothers is better able to control costs, increase communication and manage both the cost and regulatory aspects of its labor.

Fresh Brothers


Fresh Brothers is a fast-growing pizza chain that was launched in Los Angeles by Adam and Debbie Goldberg in 2008. The chain currently has 22 stores in Southern California. Fresh Brothers prides itself on being “different from your average pizza joint.” They serve a premium product to a customer base that expects a high-quality pizza and great service.


Fresh Brothers, even though vastly successful, needed additional business analytics and information from their POS system to assist them with their projected growth. They were also in search for a way to streamline their overall accounting systems, as well as a means to provide their management team with the necessary reporting tools to excel in each of their positions. With those needs in mind, they began looking at Radar (now part of R365) in 2015.


“Radar ties together all of our stores in numerous different reporting packages,” says Adam Goldberg. Instead of looking at each store individually, and then trying to combine and analyze the data manually, Compeat reports on all stores both individually and as an entire company. “Radar doesn’t report just sales, but sales vs labor, labor by position, comp sales over previous periods, over previous years. These are tools that the POS system was unable to package for us in a consolidated reporting package, but these strategic and tactical decisions are now easily attainable for us by using Radar.” Radar’s reporting packages now provide Fresh Brothers the ability to look at company data from many different aspects.


Compeat and Fresh Brothers have been working hand in hand to accomplish the chains’ projected growth. “I don’t know how we would be running our company without Radar right now,” stated Goldberg. “The company went years without a consolidated system and relied just on the POS. Once we put Radar in place, the information seemed to be endless. We are constantly finding new reports in the system that benefit the overall productivity of our business.”

By transitioning from their past system to Radar, Fresh Brothers has saved “100’s of hours per month” by compiling data in spreadsheets that are now available in Radar with the click of a button. Adam Goldberg logs into Radar every morning. “My day starts with OTF to review daily sales. Within the first hour of my day, I’m on my computer going through dashboards, key info and reports.” Intraday polling allows Goldberg and his staff to watch sales throughout the day, targeting labor to ensure that managers are properly staffing or cutting labor based on sales trends. The intraday polling information then flows to their dashboards.Fresh Brothers uses multiple dashboards depending on the users’ job classification within the company. Financing, CEO, district managers, store managers, and general managers all have their own custom dashboard, created to provide them crucial data pertaining to their position. Utilizing multiple dashboards also provides security clearances that are important to protect the corporate information within their structure.

Since integrating Radar, Fresh Brothers has seen much tighter labor control, specifically due to the forecasting tool. All managers utilize the Radar forecasting module on a daily basis.

“Through the forecasting module, we are seeing a reduction in our labor cost because we are scheduling much more accurately. When we are scheduling more accurately, we are saving money.”

– Adam Goldberg Founder and Chief Executive Officer

“The Radar forecasting module has given our store managers the means to forecast our daily sales, which they can then staff for appropriate labor. It is also a great mechanism for upper management, to ensure they are sticking to their daily scheduled labor,” said Goldberg. He then went on to say, “Through the forecasting module, we are seeing a reduction in our labor cost because we are scheduling much more accurately. When we are scheduling more accurately, we are saving money.”

In conjunction with the forecasting module, Fresh Brothers uses the the Labor Scheduling module and the On The Fly™ mobile app. “An outstanding function of Labor Scheduling is that every manager can see their schedules on their phone with On The Fly™ . We too at the corporate level can see what is happening with each store’s schedule at any moment from a mobile device.” With so many controls related to PCI compliance, Fresh Brothers no longer requires the same behaviors when logging into their POS. “Radar and OTF allow us to do all of the old functions of logging into our POS and more, while still staying compliant with federal regulations,” said Goldberg.