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Avibra is a mission-driven company that provides affordable and accessible financial, insurance and wellness benefits to everyone. We put community first, and our goal is to provide tools and essential benefits to help everyday Americans reach their goals. From day one, our plan was to improve people’s physical and mental health, provide financial and career advice, and help our community. Our purpose is rooted in giving back and democratizing essential benefits for everyone, regardless of employment status, in order to build a vibrant community. We do this through our Well-Being Advisor and $15,000 in no-cost insurance coverage as well as our Dollar Benefits Store. There are 57 million uninsured households who don’t own any kind of family protection. It is our hope to make a dent in that number. At Avibra, we promote and encourage everyone to live A VIBRAnt life—in fact, it’s literally how we chose our name.

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