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Power Operational & Employee Excellence with Tip Automation

For restaurant leaders, tips have long been an essential yet hard-to-manage part of payroll and operations, leading to a confusing array of systems fraught with risk and the potential for error or foul play.

Watch as Restaurant365’s Tyler Kump, who has more than two decades of experience implementing accounting and payroll software, look at how innovative restaurants are using tip automation within integrated payroll to streamline the entire tip process, giving leaders confidence and more time to focus on essential tasks while driving employee performance retention with better than ever transparency.

Learn how operators are using R365’S Tip Automation with unlimited tip pool rules with a wide variety of customizations to:

💪 Get performance insights to strengthen teams

⏳ Save Time

✅ Eliminate human error

😊 Boost retention

Meet the Speakers

Tyler Kump

Director, Implementation – HCM
Tyler Kump is the director of implementation, HCM at Restaurant365. Tyler has been working with organizations large and small to implement accounting and payroll software for the past 20 years. In that time, he successfully implemented systems for over 100 colleges and universities, skilled nursing facilities and many restaurants. Tyler currently oversees implementation for Restaurant365’s workforce product line.

Jayde Berenzon

Product Marketing Manager
Jayde is a product marketing manager supporting R365 Workforce. She has more than 20 years of tech experience with a heavy focus on consumer electronics, medical, and SaaS. She has owned and operated several successful businesses. She also worked in restaurants for several years and believes in and is passionate about leveraging technology to enhance businesses and restaurant ecosystems.