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Simmering Success:

Scaling & Sharpening Restaurant Operations & Employees

Watch as R365’s restaurant industry veterans and product leaders ahead of the National Restaurant Association’s 2024 show take a sneak peek at our new task management platform and a deep dive into how dynamic employee training empowers restaurant leaders to ensure everyone on every team crushes every shift.

ExpandShare’s mobile-first, self-serve training platform, now part of R365, helps restaurants create unforgettable guest experiences and growth by meeting employees with intuitive, engaging content that helps them deliver consistently excellent experiences.

Get a first look at how managers are becoming more effective and efficient with dynamic task management tools that help standardize and prioritize critical operational tasks.

Meet the Speakers

Hunter Eighme

Director, Implementation
Hunter Eighme is the Director of Implementation at Restaurant365. Past restaurant experience is all centered around the holy trinity of Texas food; Bar-B-Que, Burgers, and Tex- Mex. High volume, fast casual restaurants, with an emphasis on quality and speed are his main- stay. He has been part of Restaurant365 for five and a half years with a sole focus on helping restaurants better manage their prime costs.

Ty Shehadi

Product Sales Lead for Employee Training
Ty is the Product Sales Lead for Employee Training at Restaurant365. With extensive experience in hospitality tech and a proven track record of driving growth and nurturing successful partnerships, Ty has a unique perspective shaped by his roots in restaurant operations. His commitment to enhancing the guest experience through a focus on employee experience is driven by a genuine passion for the hospitality industry. Also, an owner of a bar/restaurant, Ty leverages his firsthand insights to inform his work, consistently aiming to elevate the hospitality industry with innovative and impactful solutions.