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R365 Gives Burger King Franchisees the Royal Treatment

R365 Gives Burger King Franchisees the Royal Treatment

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Restaurant365 streamlines restaurant operations by integrating the multiple tools and systems you use in your front-of-house and back-office.

Why R365 for Burger King?

For ambitious franchise groups, more locations mean more complex operations and accounting systems. Yet, as Burger King franchisee owners and their teams have learned, they can automate their inventory, forecast with precision, and drive margins with real-time insights. Restaurant365 streamlines their restaurant operations by integrating the multiple tools and systems you use in your front-of-house and back-office.

Restaurant365 customers often see a 3 to 10% savings in food and labor costs

Restaurant365’s Intelligence feature can pull POS data and update reports every 15 minutes, giving finance and operations teams the ability to plan in a real-time fashion. It can help store-level managers do something as simple as cutting somebody early when it’s clear a sales forecast was inaccurate, or it can even catch bigger-picture things like if a vendor is billing too much for a certain product. That only needs to happen once to be flagged by Restaurant365’s Intelligence.

The ability to track live sales and labor and customize the extensive reporting functionality puts everything our restaurant leaders need to be successful at their fingertips. Historical financials are available for any time period of our choosing, unlike the restrictive limitations of RTI, making it easy to identify trends and ensuring we maintain our position as the most profitable BK franchisee.”

Steven Vann, President

JSC Management Group, LLC

70-unit Burger King franchisee

R365 Store Operations controls costs, saves time, and enables data-driven decision making

Many restaurants are accustomed to operating on weekly, monthly, or quarterly reporting. While these check-ins are beneficial, these occasional reviews can allow certain issues to persist for longer than necessary. You can end up with issues like managers overspending on labor or inventory over an extended period, requiring you to make major, rapid adjustments at the end of the period to meet targets.

Data-driven decisions can help you monitor performance closely, keeping guard rails on incremental improvements. With all stakeholders checking in consistently with data, you can make small, real-time adjustments to optimize profitability.

Link your underlying accounting and finance functions

POS integration is a streamlined connection between your POS software and your restaurant accounting and operations platform. With integration, your operations platform can pull detailed data directly from your POS in real time. The integrated platform automatically inputs daily sales and labor accrual data entries into the accounting general ledger (GL). Detailed POS data integrated with your restaurant operations and accounting drives useful insights in sales reporting, menu engineering, recipe costing, labor details, and enhanced business analytics and reporting.

With the visibility and custom permissions of R365, we were able to get our General Managers and Executives into the system to personally see their financials and understand how everything flows to our collective bottom line.”

Brandon Rojas, Controller

Stomp, Chomp, & Roll

21-unit Burger King franchisee

Multi-location reporting and intercompany transactions

With multiple entities and locations, it becomes difficult for operators to oversee everything that is happening. One of the primary challenges of operating a multi-unit restaurant business is the mashup of disparate systems used throughout the day. Ideally, once all the processes are standardized, they should be housed in a centralized, cloud-based management platform that helps operators set protocols and monitor each team’s performance both independently and collectively. This accessibility to real-time data is particularly beneficial for making on-the-fly decisions and monitoring restaurant performance remotely.

R365 Workforce modernizes the entire employee lifecycle

A well-planned onboarding process goes beyond compliance and training. It’s an opportunity to integrate employees into the restaurant’s culture and values, boost their confidence and engagement, and quickly enable them to become a productive part of the team.

R365 Workforce streamlines the entire employee lifecycle, from hire to retire, and enables managers to recruit, interview, hire, and onboard all-stars faster than ever, so they spend less time in front of the computer and more time on the floor interacting with guests, or training and supporting the next generation of leaders.

Optimize food costs across all locations

Business intelligence can help you evaluate restaurant data and drive critical business decisions such as managing inventory, organizing schedules, creating loyalty programs, and improving underperforming stores. These key areas can add profit to your bottom line and ensure you are running a streamlined, optimized business.


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The restaurant franchise industry is booming, worth billions globally, and showing no signs of slowing down. Whether you are exploring the early stages of expanding your restaurant business or already deeply entrenched in growth, these tips can help you streamline operations and maintain consistency across multiple locations to improve performance and maximize profits.

From executing inter-company transactions and running payroll in multiple cities and states to sharing inventory and resources, running a multi-location restaurant group has its unique challenges. R365 delivers everything you need — from accounting and store operations to workforce management — in an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that connects to over 400 vendor, technology, channel, and service partners.

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