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R365 + Burger King

R365 Gives Burger King Franchisees the Royal Treatment

Restaurant365 streamlines restaurant operations by integrating the multiple tools and systems you use in your front-of-house and back-office. Burger King franchisee owners and their teams can automate their inventory, forecast with precision, and drive margins with real-time insights.

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Why R365 for Burger King?

1. R365 Store Operations controls costs, saves time, and enables data-driven decision making across scheduling, inventory, forecasting, and purchasing and receiving.

2. Link your underlying accounting and finance functions with integrated vendor, technology, channel, and service partners.

3. Multi-location reporting and intercompany transactions make inventory tracking and invoice sharing less time-consuming and more accurate.

4. R365 Workforce modernizes the entire employee lifecycle from hire to retire with hiring, onboarding, scheduling, payroll, and benefits tools.

5. Optimize labor and food costs across all locations with menu engineering, actual versus theoretical cost analysis, and smart ordering. 

6. Restaurant365 customers often see a 3 to 10% savings in food and labor costs and eliminate countless hours of non-revenue producing activity.

The ability to track live sales and labor and customize the extensive reporting functionality puts everything our restaurant leaders need to be successful at their fingertips. Historical financials are available for any time period of our choosing, unlike the restrictive limitations of RTI, making it easy to identify trends and ensuring we maintain our position as the most profitable BK franchisee.
Steven Vann,
JSC Management Group, LLC,
70 unit Burger King Franchisee


Master Your Back-Office Operations

With R365 Store Operations, your back office seamlessly connects to the front-of-house to drive margins with automated purchasing, forecasting, recipe cost management, data-driven scheduling, and seamless shift-to-shift communication.


Accurate, Value-Added Accounting

R365 Accounting is the engine of growing restaurant groups, helping improve margins and scale without adding overhead through frictionless POS integration, direct general ledger connection, automated accounts payable, P&Ls that capture 60 to70% prime costs, and real-time reporting.


Hire, Pay, and Retain Your Dream Team​​​

Streamline administrative work throughout the employee lifecycle with solutions for hiring, onboarding, scheduling, payroll, and benefits. Give managers time back to focus on what matters most: guest experiences, team engagement, and productivity.