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Ground Pat'i Grille and Bar Becomes Fully Centralized


As a company, Ground Pat’i was spending too much time and money on systems and employees to achieve the control they desired. Payroll delays, lengthy manual data entry, and the cost of multiple systems kept everyone in the organization busy with work that didn’t improve margins or guests’ experiences.


Ground Pat’i is now a streamlined, centralized organization. With smart integrations, managers at each restaurant can now be sure their data is entered quickly and correctly, allowing the organization to access and act on more accurate reports more frequently.

Ground Pat'i


For over 30 years, Ground Pat’i Grille & Bar has been providing mouth-watering burgers and exceptional service in a comfortable atmosphere to thousands of satisfied customers around the Louisiana area. As one of Compeat’s  (now R365) original customers, this raved about casual dining franchise has relied on Compeat Advantage to provide them with an end-to-end restaurant management solution to meet their rapidly growing needs.


Prior to utilizing Compeat, Ground Pat’i ran several different systems concurrently in order to achieve the full control they desired. The task of running all of these systems not only became a headache, but it also forced them to hire additional staff to run each system at each store. They also contracted a third party payroll solution, and thus experienced a time-delay in payroll processing.


In 2000, Ground Pat’i implemented Compeat’s fully integrated accounting and back office system, allowing them to eliminate all other software and services and rely solely on their Microsoft POS system and Compeat Advantage. Shortly after implementing Compeat Advantage, they decided to replace their outsourced payroll with Compeat Payroll, providing them with full-function payroll features manageable from their own centralized office.


With Compeat Advantage, Ground Pat’i became a fully centralized organization, and the results have been impressive. Now managers at each restaurant can enter information and anyone in the organization can instantly view or analyze it from anywhere. “With the ability to view several different reports in real time, management is now able to see where they are and where they need to cut back every single day. This allows our owners and managers the ability to have discussions more frequently and with more accurate information,” says Leslie LeBlanc, Accounting and Office Manager at Ground Pat’i.

Leblanc also raves about the ease of processing payroll with Compeat Payroll. The 2009 Payroll addition of Greenshades has made tax reporting fully automated and as easy as flipping a burger. “Gathering the information to report was quite simple. Compeat takes you through the entire process, and the built-in checks prior to any finalized processing and reporting make it hard to make any mistakes!”Since implementing Compeat Advantage and Compeat Payroll, Ground Pat’i has not only been able to increase their control but they have seen a significant improvement in their labor efficiency. Instead of having one manager at each restaurant doing individual accounting, inventory, and payroll tasks, they now need only one staff member working in their corporate office to manage all of the information coming in from the different stores.

In the years to come, Ground Pat’i will see even more of a cost savings with the addition of scanners and Compeat’s document imaging. They will be able to completely eliminate all hard copies of information by simply scanning documents into the centralized Compeat system. These savings, combined with the ease-of-use of the software, has made the Ground Pat’i franchise such a firm believer in Compeat that they have announced that all new stores must be opened with the only system they need to operate and succeed — Compeat!

“With the ability to view several different reports in real time, management is now able to see where they are and where they need to cut back every single day.”

– Leslie LeBlanc Accounting & Office Manager