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What is a Broadline Distributor?

What is a Broadline Distributor?

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Broadline food distributors are the unsung heroes of the foodservice industry, ensuring restaurants, schools, hospitals, and more have a steady supply of essentials from fresh produce to dry goods. Their role highlights the complex operations that bring food from farms and factories to our tables.

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What is a Broadline Distributor?

Broadline distributors are the unsung heroes of the foodservice industry, linking food manufacturers and foodservice operators. They provide an extensive array of products, from fresh produce and meats to dry goods and beverages, offering a one-stop solution for restaurants, schools, hospitals, and other establishments.

These distributors often boast vast logistical networks, state-of-the-art warehousing, and fleets of delivery trucks. This infrastructure enables frequent and reliable deliveries, crucial in an industry where freshness and timely replenishment are paramount. Additionally, they offer value-added services such as menu planning, nutritional information, and marketing support.

The product range offered by broadline distributors is staggering, including specialty and ethnic foods that cater to diverse clientele. This diversity simplifies procurement and fosters culinary innovation, allowing chefs to experiment with new ingredients without sourcing from multiple suppliers.

Largest Broadline Food Distributors

The broadline food distribution landscape is dominated by key players like Sysco, US Foods, and Performance Food Group, each renowned for their expansive reach and exceptional service.


Sysco Corporation, the behemoth of broadline distribution, serves over 600,000 clients globally. Its vast product range, impeccable service, and innovative solutions ensure timely deliveries and fresh products. Sysco’s commitment to sustainability includes optimizing delivery routes to save fuel and reducing food waste through better inventory management. They also offer technology solutions to streamline operations for foodservice operators.

US Foods

US Foods serves approximately 300,000 customers nationwide, known for high-quality products and innovative services. Their Chef’s Line brand offers premium, restaurant-quality ingredients. US Foods excels in customer support, providing training programs on food safety, kitchen efficiency, and menu development, empowering clients to enhance their operations.

Performance Food Group (PFG)

Performance Food Group serves a wide array of customers, including independent restaurants and institutional cafeterias. Their robust supply chain infrastructure ensures consistent delivery of fresh, high-quality products. PFG offers value-added services like culinary training and business consulting, supporting their clients’ success. Their emphasis on local sourcing promotes sustainability and community engagement.


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Broadline food distributors are pivotal in the foodservice ecosystem, providing vast products and services that streamline operations and foster culinary innovation. Giants like Sysco, US Foods, and Performance Food Group exemplify the excellence and efficiency of this sector, allowing foodservice operators to focus on creating memorable dining experiences.

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