Restaurant Reporting Software

Easily View and Analyze Your Financials

Access financial reports at the frequency and detail you require to make data-driven decisions that affect your bottom line.  Quickly visualize the financial health of your restaurant business with out-of-the box or custom reports.

Run Out-of-the-Box Reports

Get up-to-date, out-of-the-box reports for less complex accounting needs. Restaurant365 reporting delivers business intelligence based on your point-of-sale and operations data. Quickly view everything you need to know to improve performance for all aspects of your restaurant business.

Review your profit and loss statement daily

Analyze your revenue and expenses daily with automated P&L statements that drive real-time, data-driven decisions.

View your balance sheet in summary or detail

Choose from summary or detailed views and see any legal entity or a total of combined legal entities, then drill down into any balance to view transactions.

View comparative analysis by location

See the P&L statement or balance sheet of all locations in your restaurant group and compare them side by side.

Schedule email delivery

Get profit and loss statements, balance sheets and other out-of-the box reports delivered to your email inbox when you need them.

Customize Your Financial Reports

Personalize your P&L statement, balance sheet, trial balance reports and more — in whatever way best suits your financial reporting needs. Create custom templates to save time when you run the same report again.  

Streamline reporting

Reduce the total number of reports you run and eliminate the need to integrate and transfer data to an add-on, third party.

Improve Performance Analysis

Build financial reports that best suit your needs for advanced data analysis.

Gain Focus on Your Business Intelligence

Simplify your financial reports to narrow in on the key data that guides decision making.

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