R365 + Tropical Smoothie Cafe

R365: Easy Breezy Accounting for Tropical Smoothie Cafes

Restaurant365 streamlines restaurant accounting and workforce management for Tropical Smoothie Café franchisees through a seamless integration with Brink and many other POS platforms. It’s an all-in-one back-of-house solution that drives growth, reduces manual tasks, and gives back hours in your we

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Why R365 for Tropical Smoothie Cafe?

1. Easily integrate with Brink POS for live P&Ls to help you better manage cash flow, run real-time, accurate financial reports, and gain greater control of your bottom line.

2. Fully automate bank reconciliation, accounts payable, and payroll processes in R365 through direct connections to your bank, vendors, and your accounting team.

3. Easily track all fixed assets from real property and technology to kitchen equipment, furniture, and more.

4. Modernize the entire employee lifecycle from hire to retire with staffing, onboarding, scheduling, payroll, and benefits tools through R365 Workforce.

5. Budget for multiple stores simultaneously to drive your restaurant group toward its full potential.

6. Multi-location reporting and intercompany transactions to make inventory tracking and invoice sharing less time-consuming and more accurate.

SERVE Hospitality Group at RTT 2022

Salem Najjar, CPA and Chief Executive Officer of SERVE Hospitality Group (Tropical Smoothie Café Franchisee), spoke at the R365 Restaurant Transformation Tour in Los Angeles about saving $80,000 in personnel costs and reducing workload by 100 hours thanks to Restaurant365.

Watch the R365 RTT Interview with Salem Najjar,
CPA and CEO of SERVE Hospitality Group


Accurate, Value-Added Accounting

R365 Accounting is the engine of growing restaurant groups, helping improve margins and scale without adding overhead thanks to frictionless Brink POS integration, a direct general ledger connection, automated accounts payable, and real-time reporting.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe
Tropical Smoothie Cafe


Hire, Pay, and Retain Your Dream Team

Streamline administrative work throughout the employee lifecycle with solutions for hiring, onboarding, scheduling, payroll, and benefits. Give managers time back to focus on what matters most: guest experiences, team engagement and productivity, and growing your business.