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Hire, Pay, and Retain With Confidence

R365 enhances and streamlines your entire HR function to help bring you the best candidates, control labor costs, and drive your organization toward its highest aim: unparalleled guest experiences. From payroll and scheduling to onboarding and management tools, R365 has everything you need to turn your labor into a true force.

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The Tools You Need To Lead

“Our management teams were spending so much time going through the orientation, reading the handbook to the new hire, doing paperwork, and things like that. Managers would spend about 45 minutes, two or three times a week, just overseeing the orientation, paperwork, and other tasks for new hires.”

Chad Foust

Sweet Lou's, Owner

Perfect HR, From Hiring to Scheduling to Payroll

Dial-In Your Labor Spend

Control your largest and most important costs and improve profit margins by setting guardrails across multiple locations to prevent excess overtime hours, ensure staffing with scheduling blackout dates, and minimize the difference between your actual and scheduled labor costs.

Manage It All With Ease

With R365’s centralized labor dashboard, you receive a high-level, data-driven picture of how your entire operation is performing. You have the power to dive into any single location and give managers the information they need to jump on any opportunity or overcome any staffing challenge.

Go Further With Smarter HR

R365 makes it easy for you to hire, onboard, pay, and support your workforce. Find and bring on the best employees faster, deliver payroll and benefits without error or delay, and create a space where satisfied staff deliver superior guest experiences.

Partner Ecosystem

Easily Connect with Your Partners

R365 easily integrates with your POS, vendors, and bank without costly, time-consuming workarounds.

The Perfect Match

Whether you’re launching your dream or in growth mode, R365’s simple pricing and industry-focused offerings give you what you need to be at your best today and down the line.



Lock in continuing growth and profitability and take your operation to the next level with a complete suite of solutions.


Per location, per month billed annually or $539 billed quarterly.


Looking For More?

Whether you’re interested in improving accounting or operations alongside your HR function or want to heat up margins with an integrated package, R365 has the right order.

Manage Multiple Locations from a Single Platform

Learn more about the only cloud-based, all-in-one restaurant-specific accounting, inventory, scheduling, payroll, HR, and reporting software platform that seamlessly integrates to your POS, vendors, and financial institution.