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Pay365: Pay Your Team with Speed and Accuracy

No more losing time, money, or team members due to inefficient payroll. With Pay365 you can drive employee retention and satisfaction with fast and flexible pay while streamlining your workload.

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Fast & Flexible Pay Options

Meet Your Team's Needs With Ease

Pay365 offers options to pay employees daily, pay cards for those who don't use traditional banking, and direct deposit, your crew will be satisfied, loyal, and at its best.

R365 Payroll
Pos Integration

Pos Integration

Become a Smooth Operator

Pull labor data from your POS into R365 with a seamless connection that ensures payroll runs quickly and accurately every time.

General Ledger Connection

Track Labor Accurately and Easily

Keep your finger on the pulse of your entire organization by seamlessly integrating payroll into your general ledger.

General Ledger Connection

Retain and Strengthen Your Team with R365

Turns Your Labor into a True Force


Payroll Benefits For Your Entire Restaurant

Learn how R365's fully integrated, industry-specific payroll solution transforms an administrative function into a value center that drives recruitment, retention, and your team's performance.


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about R365 Workforce and Payroll.

Connecting your payroll, operations, and accounting solutions through a full integration can help save you time spent on imports or data entry, as well as increase accuracy of your reporting to help reduce restaurant labor cost.

Restaurant payroll takes into account the unique needs of restaurants and their employees. This includes tip management, overtime management, providing pay after each shift, and integrating the restaurant’s time tracking system, often housed in the POS system, into its accounting system.

Pay365 provides the option to offer employees daily restaurant payroll via direct deposit or pay cards for those who don’t use traditional banking. Your crew will be satisfied, loyal, and at its best.

Thanks to seamless integration with hundreds of industry leading partners R365 helps restaurant operators pull labor data from their POS tracking system to our system while ensuring compliance and automatically recording payroll data in our integrated accounting system.

Restaurant365 does the heavy lifting for you, creating an integrated POS payroll system that saves you time, eliminates errors, and provides deeper insights into restaurant labor costs.

Yes. By offering flexible payroll options within a reliable, restaurant-specific payroll solution, you can drive employee retention, reduce turnover and associated costs, and provide better guest service.

See How You Can Save Money with R365

Run Retention-Driving Payroll From One Platform

Streamline payroll with restaurant-specific technology. R365 makes it easy to offer a timely, error-free payroll experience that automatically syncs with your general ledger and delivers pay daily via a prepaid card or direct deposit.