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Enjoy a Paperless Onboarding Experience

With R365, the entire onboarding process is paperless, saving time for hiring managers and new hires, while reducing errors and increasing new hire engagement.

Document Collection

Digitize All New Employee Documentation

Digitize your initial hiring documents including the completed application form, the signed job offer or employment contract, and more.

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Digital W-4 and I-9

Complete Government Documents Faster

Ensure government requirements regarding W-4 and I-9 forms are met by enabling employees to easily complete them online.

Electronic Signatures

Collect Employee Signatures Online

Allow employees to sign the numerous forms and documents required when they start working at your restaurant without any printing or paper shuffling.

Onboarding Checklists

Ensure You Check Off All Onboarding Tasks

Onboarding checklists dictate the tasks that are assigned to both the new hire and the hiring manager during the onboarding process.

Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

Track Potential Tax Credits

Track Work Opportunity Tax Credits, possibly unlocking tens of thousands of dollars for your business. WOTC is a hiring credit that is available for hiring individuals from certain targeted groups who have faced barriers to employment.

How Restaurant Operators are Saving Time on Onboarding

We really like having all our company documentation, like guidebooks and policies online so that employees can digitally sign them, and we don't have to do all that paperwork individually anymore. So that part of R365 HIRE has been really good too.
Mr. Ashley Moser,
Chef and Owner
Cypress Hall (Twin River Foods)
Cypress Hall
Our management teams were spending so much time going through the orientation, reading the handbook to the new hire, doing paperwork, and things like that. If you’re looking to move into today’s world and get out of paper stuff, this is a no brainer.
Chad Foust,
Sweet Lou’s
Sweet Lou's


Eliminate the Onboarding Paperwork

Ensure a smooth onboarding process with an automated, error-free experience that makes the employee a productive member of your team more quickly.


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about R365 Workforce and Onboarding capabilites.

Yes. R365 reports and collects the necessary information to maintain compliance with EEOC regulations.

Yes. R365 provides tools that allow you to communicate with applicants throughout the process using customizable, automated emails. The applicant tracking system also acts as a communication hub allowing you to text within the system using a bank of anonymous phone numbers, rather than using your personal phone number.

The Onboarding Checklists feature allows you to create any set of tasks to assign to your new hires and their direct manager while the new hire is in the onboarding process. These checklists are can be fully customized, allowing you set priority order, visibility, and any steps that require manager review. Managers can also add notifications for themselves once new hires complete certain steps in the onboarding process that are high priority.

You can record multiple types of information for new hires in their Employee Record. This includes general personal information, the employee’s manager, payroll information, etc. You can also add any additional custom employee fields that you wish to record, giving you full autonomy to record the information you want.

Automate the Onboarding Process

Onboard your new hires faster and more efficiently with an automated, error-free process.