Helping Restaurants Grow

Helping restaurants grow is our passion. Experience the only fully-integrated Restaurant software with powerful management features that communicate with all of the other systems you need; accounting, reporting, vendors, inventory and more. We’ve built a platform that is easy to use, works from anywhere and can be seamlessly automated with hundreds of apps – all for one flat price.

Automate your data flow

from your POS to your GL

Free your team from

mundane busy work

Budget better with

integrated financial reporting

Watch the savings add up

from smart labor scheduling

Kick back with

streamlined accounting

Manage franchisees and

vendors with ease

Get back to growing

your restaurant

Choose R365

Our software is dynamic, just like your restaurant. Because that’s what you deserve. We are constantly innovating our software to meet the evolving needs of restaurant owners. There’s a reason Restaurant365 is the all-in-one accounting and back-office management software favored by restaurant businesses across the country. See what R365 can do for you.

Just a few of our happy customers

Meet Restaurant365: Your All-In-One Restaurant Management Software

We’ve been helping restaurants upgrade their accounting, ERP and reporting systems since 2001. Restaurant365 consolidates multiple technology solutions (and many, many spreadsheets) into a single web-based software. We’ve eliminated all of the work associated with exporting and importing data from one system to another along with any of the headaches that come with it. Plus, we integrate with all the top POS and payroll providers.

With R365, everything you need to know to manage your business is right in front of you:
• Count and value your inventory in the same platform as your accounting.
• Schedule your staff based on sales forecasts and labor budgets.
• Pinpoint problem areas with financial reports that tie in all your essential metrics.

With R365, you can start and end every day with profit in mind, thanks to simplified accounting and operations management.

Our Clients Love Saving Time and Money

Imagine if you could manage your restaurant efficiently with software that all spoke to each other.

What are you going to do with all that extra time?

Invest it back into your passion: growing your restaurant business.

Connect Your Software, Connect Your Business

Think about it: Your business runs more efficiently when your in-restaurant operators and accounting staff synchronize as a coordinated team.

Why shouldn’t you expect the same from your restaurant management software? It’s time to 86 your patchwork plan of multiple accounting, scheduling, inventory, and sales reporting softwares and replace them with the only all-in-one platform for restaurant businesses: Restaurant365

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