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Experience the only cloud-based, all-in-one restaurant accounting, payroll and HR, inventory, scheduling and reporting software that seamlessly integrates to your POS, vendors, and banking partners.


Your Vendors

Improve accuracy and save money by automatically sending purchase orders to vendors and receiving item-level invoices. Managers won't need to manually enter invoices and will be notified of any pricing errors.

Your Bank

Save time doing bank reconciliation by connecting your bank accounts to Restaurant365. Automatic matching of transactions from your bank means no more end-of-month reconciliation nightmares.

Your POS

Eliminate manual data transfers and get insights faster by automatically feeding check-level sales and punch-level labor data directly to Restaurant365. Daily reports give you timely information to make better decisions sooner.

R365 Connect

Restaurant365 uses an open API so you can connect to virtually any system or platform. There are endless possible uses of your data when you can retrieve and push data to and from your other systems.


Control food costs by purchasing the right amount and uncovering hidden food cost problems. Sales forecasts and actual vs. theoretical costs make it easy for managers to keep money in the bank and excess food off your shelf.


Streamline accounting processes by automating manual data entry. Integrating inventory, payroll, vendors, banks, and your POS to restaurant-specific accounting gives your team faster insights with less work.


Optimize labor by giving your managers intelligent guardrails to schedule like the best. Guided scheduling, near-realtime dashboards, and schedule enforcement make it easy for any manager to optimize labor like a pro.


Attract, onboard, and retain the best restaurant employees by giving them a great experience throughout the employee lifecycle. Applicant tracking, restaurant-specific payroll, and benefits administration in one system reduces errors and enhances compliance.


See the growth your restaurant is truly capable of when your entire organization is connected through one system built specifically for restaurants. Get everyone on the same page, and get vital information to managers in time to make cost-slashing decisions.

More Than 12,000 Restaurants Trust Restaurant365

Bruce Nelson
Nova Restaurant Group

“I was wasting time investigating falsities rather than managing. With our old system, I would spend 12 hours a week auditing. Now with Restaurant365, I spend an hour a week, freeing me up to focus on other areas that are aimed at growing our restaurant group versus keeping it accountable.”

Scott Putman
Wetzel's Pretzels
Corp. Controller

With more than 300 locations, it used to take us a full day to process our weekly franchisee billing with Excel. That’s 20 percent of our time. Now that we’ve automated the process with Restaurant365, it takes 30 to 45 minutes from start to finish.

Steve Song
Luke’s Lobster

Because all of our data is in a centralized place, someone at my level can always see what is happening at the store level. There is no need to play detective because everything is connected and synced.

Amanda Jabs
Food Fight Restaurant Group

Restaurant365 has been a game changer administratively. The board is getting information quicker so we can plan for the future sooner.

Restaurantpeople Logo
Michael Zielinski
The Restaurant People

“With Restaurant365, we’ve been able to reduce our accounting resources by 20%, even while adding eight new locations.”

Glorian Leach
F&D: Cantina; Kitchen & Bar; Woodfired Italian Kitchen

Our old system lacked automation and proper communication from our POS system to a very non-efficient back-of-the-house structure. The moment I saw a demonstration of Restaurant365 I knew that it was exactly what we needed. I also realized that we could grow with this platform at our pace which has greatly paid off for us.

Bobby Pancake
High 5 Hospitality

“We have both franchise and independent restaurants. Having the ability to consolidate our P&L’s, roll them up in different ways, slice and dice the numbers is very powerful. To then be able to drill down to an invoice from the P&L, review sales trends, measure guest counts, forecast your business, schedule staff, audit time punches, review cash flow/bank balances – all in the same system – that is very convenient and a time saver.”

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