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10 Fascinating Tech Products to Watch in 2023

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This article was written by Sam Danley for FSR Magazine and features Mark Calvillo, SVP of Product at R365.

A Rush of Technology

Self-ordering kiosks, digital menu boards, mobile apps, and other consumer-facing technologies were on full display at the 2023 National Restaurant Association Show. With lower staffing levels remaining a key challenge for operators, solutions that simplify labor-intensive tasks also took center stage at this year’s event.

The digitization of back-of-house operations was evident throughout the show floor. Exhibitors showcase a range of technologies that free up employees to focus on value-added activities that require a human touch. A common refrain from tech providers and operators alike was the idea of leveraging technology not to replace labor, but to optimize labor.

From ordering solutions that transform how guests interact with restaurants to tools that streamline tasks and empower better decision-making, AI is being used to enhance both the customer and employee experience. Unified data platforms and integrated kitchen management systems were top trends throughout the Show’s tech pavilion, alongside smart robots capable of performing a wide range of functions.

R365 Intelligence

Restaurant365 presented a new restaurant intelligence tool called R365 Intelligence. It enables operators to combine various data from emerging technologies such as AI chatbots and self-ordering kiosks with real-time reports and dashboards from Restaurant365’s software, giving them a more complete picture of operations.

SVP of product Mark Calvillo said the tool was designed to provide restaurants with powerful business intelligence capabilities that help optimize productivity and profitability for both the front- and back-of-house. It includes features that make it easy to track metrics like sales per labor hour and entrees per labor hour, helping operators identify trends and make informed decisions around staffing levels, menu offerings, and pricing. The tool is equipped with visualization capabilities for benchmarking performance across locations, concepts, and internal teams.

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