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How to Create a Profitable Father's Day Menu 

How to Create a Profitable Father's Day Menu 

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Clarissa Buch Zilberman

Creating a profitable Father’s Day menu involves more than just great food — it’s about crafting an experience that dads will remember.

Prepare to fire up the grill and stock the bar: Father’s Day is just around the corner. Last year, Americans spent a hefty sum celebrating with meals and special events. In fact, more than 50% of people enjoyed a special outing like dinner or brunch.  

Across the board, 75% of people celebrated the holiday, collectively spending a record-high $22.9 billion. That’s nearly $3 billion more than in 2022 and exceeded the previous record of $20.1 billion in 2021. 

As the day approaches, seize this opportunity with a well-crafted, profit-driving restaurant holiday menu. But this time, think outside the box with menu engineering, smart pricing, and unique specials.  

Here are key menu planning strategies to consider for Father’s Day and beyond.  

Elevate your Father's Day menu with smart menu engineering

As you start brainstorming your profitable Father’s Day menu, dig into your data with a Menu Engineering Report. Consider it your secret weapon for crafting a menu that not only delights your guests but also drives your bottom line.  

This strategic tool dives deep into your sales data, revealing which dishes your guests love the most and which ones bring in the most cash.   

To get started, menu items are sorted into four key categories:   

  • High profitability and high popularity: These are your go-to dishes that everyone loves and make you the most money. Feature them prominently and consider some extra Father’s Day marketing love.  
  • High profitability but low popularity: Great moneymakers that might need a bit more spotlight or a tweak in the description to boost their appeal.  
  • Low profitability but high popularity: Crowd favorites that don’t bring in much profit. Maybe a slight price adjustment or ingredient swap can help.  
  • Low profitability and low popularity: These might be dragging down your menu. Time to rethink or replace them. 

With these insights, you can make smart decisions about what to highlight, tweak, or retire on your holiday menu. The report’s visual aids, like charts and graphs, make it easy to spot trends and opportunities at a glance.  By understanding guest preferences, you can tailor your Father’s Day menu to feature dishes that hit all the right notes.  

Play up your Father's Day specials

For Father’s Day, make your specials stand out. Offer a mix of high-margin items with popular dad favorites to balance profitability and appeal.  

Think about a special “Dad’s Platter” that includes a bit of everything, from a hearty steak to a flavorful seafood item, paired with a craft beer or a whiskey flight for a fixed price. With a restaurant software solution connected to your POS system, you can quickly gather this data through a Product Mix Report, which highlights which dishes are the most profitable based on their popularity.  

You can also spotlight themed dishes that add a playful twist to your menu. Names like “The Mighty Dad Burger” or “Hero’s Feast” can add a personal touch that dads and families will appreciate. On the other hand, something as small as a complimentary slice of pie or a special drink can enhance your guest experience as well, making patrons feel valued.  

No matter what you decide, the key to a successful Father’s Day menu is to feature your kitchen’s strengths. If your restaurant excels at dinner, focus on that rather than trying to introduce a new meal service like brunch. You don’t want to overextend your staff and risk disappointment.  


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Price your Father's Day restaurant menu right

Pricing strategies for Father’s Day need to strike a balance between attractiveness and profitability. Consider offering different price points to accommodate a range of budgets. Family bundles or ‘Dad eats free with family’ promotions can draw larger groups, increasing overall spend per table. 

Also, analyze your cost carefully and set your prices to cover increased portions or special ingredients without cutting into your margins. Remember, a good deal is often shared among friends and family, potentially bringing more patrons through your doors. 

Pro tip: Inventory management features within a modern restaurant software platform can help you analyze your costs more accurately, enabling you to set prices that cover increased portions or special ingredients without sacrificing your margins.  

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Draw in guests with menu design

Menu psychology and design play crucial roles in creating an enticing and profitable Father’s Day menu. Using techniques like strategic placement of high-margin items, highlighting specials with eye-catching graphics, and using descriptive, mouth-watering language can significantly influence guest choices.  

Consider creating a dedicated section for Father’s Day specials, featuring bold fonts and appealing visuals to draw attention. Additionally, naming dishes with fun, thematic titles like “Dad’s Ultimate Surf & Turf” or “Grill Master’s Feast” can add a playful element that resonates with diners. 

The goal is to guide guests toward selections that enhance their dining experience while also maximizing your revenue.  

Make it an experience

Finally, consider the overall experience. From the moment dads enter your restaurant, they should feel special. Think about a complimentary welcome drink, a small gift like a branded keychain, or even a personalized message on their menu. Entertainment, whether live music or a sports game on the big screens, should match the mood and preference of your typical Father’s Day crowd. 

Staff should also be involved in the festive atmosphere, perhaps wearing something thematic or being ready with a few dad jokes of their own to share. It’s all about making dads smile on their day. 

Consider a service charge

Does your restaurant normally add a service charge to the bill? If not, implementing a service charge for Father’s Day can help offset the additional costs associated with the holiday, such as extra staffing and handling larger crowds.  

This charge ensures that your restaurant can maintain high service standards despite the increased demand. By transparently communicating the reason for the service charge to your guests, you can help them understand that it goes towards enhancing their dining experience — ensuring quicker service, better attention to detail, and a generally smoother operation on a busy day.  

It’s important to position this charge as a necessary step to provide the exceptional service that guests expect on such a special occasion, ultimately leading to a more enjoyable and memorable Father’s Day celebration. 

Turn Father's Day into a profitable celebration

Creating a profitable Father’s Day menu involves more than just great food — it’s about crafting an experience that dads will remember and want to repeat. By utilizing menu engineering, offering standout specials, pricing smartly, and enhancing the overall guest experience, you can ensure that your restaurant becomes the go-to destination for Father’s Day celebrations.    

The goal is to make dads feel valued and special while driving profitability. Use your data wisely to make informed decisions about your menu offerings, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your specials and promotions. With careful planning and execution, you can turn Father’s Day into a highlight of your restaurant’s year, delighting guests and boosting your bottom line. 

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