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How to Write Restaurant Job Descriptions to Attract the Right Candidates

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Staffing for your restaurant business is an ongoing challenge, but it has become especially difficult in 2020. Writing restaurant job descriptions might seem like a simple task. However, writing restaurant job descriptions to attract the right employees for your restaurant business requires a little more effort. 

While writing the perfect job description might take more time, you’ll save time and hassle in the long run by attracting employees whose skills, needs and personalities align with your restaurant’s values and culture.

Here are 9 tips for writing job descriptions that will attract the best employees for your restaurant business, plus a pack of seven FOH and BOH job description templates to get you started.

1. Give candidates reasons to want to work at your restaurant

Your job description should provide more than what you expect from your employees. Make sure that you describe what they’ll get in return for their efforts. Are you close to public transportation? Do you offer an employee babysitting co-op? Do you offer two consecutive days off? Even if you don’t offer benefits to your hourly employees, let them know about these other perks up front.

2. Share your company values

Sharing your values will help to attract candidates whose core values align with yours. For example, if your restaurant business embraces diversity and inclusion, state this clearly in the job description. Share concrete examples, such as your restaurant’s diversity training program, sexual harassment policies, etc.

3. Keep employee retention in mind

While some potential restaurant employees are merely seeking a paycheck, there are many others looking for stable, long-term employment. Ensure that your job description includes language that attracts applicants seeking a job for more than just a semester or the summer (unless you’re hiring seasonal employees).

4. Promote growth opportunities

According to the National Restaurant Association, nine in 10 restaurant managers started in entry-level positions and eight in 10 restaurant owners started their industry careers in entry-level positions. Ensure that your job descriptions encourage restaurant employment as a career opportunity.

5. Describe your culture

Not all potential candidates are alike, so they won’t all be looking for the same culture fit. Many may be looking for a fun, casual culture; while some tipped employees might think that tips are better in more a more formal environment. Those with kids at home may want to work in a less hectic restaurant. Do your current employees hang out together after work? The more precise you are about your culture in your company description, the more likely you are to attract the right candidates for your restaurant.

6. Ensure on-time payment

Face it. Your employees expect to be paid accurately and on time. Include language in your job description that gives candidates confidence in your payroll process. If you use an advanced payroll and HR solution, mention it in your job description so candidates know you’re serious about payroll processing.

7. Be truthful

You’ll just waste your time if you describe your restaurant as “fun” when it’s not, or “fine dining” when it’s QSR. If you write your job description to attract the most candidates, you won’t attract the right candidates for your restaurant. So keep it real in your job descriptions.

8. Include salary

For store-level staff, consider including salary in the job description, even if it’s minimum wage. This allows you to filter out candidates whose financial needs you won’t meet, or to attract candidates if you offer a competitive wage.

9. Start with a restaurant job description template

Save time with this pack of seven FOH and BOH restaurant job description templates containing individual job descriptions for the staff positions most often hired by restaurants. These templates will help candidates get an understanding of their job’s responsibilities. Then add all the great stuff about working for your restaurant and watch the right candidate applications roll in to create your restaurant dream team.


Use these simple tips if you’re looking to hire the right candidates for your restaurant business. Start with this pack of seven FOH and BOH job description templates. Then customize the job description for your restaurant business.

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