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Restaurant Back of House Definition

Restaurant Back of House Definition

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In a restaurant, the back of the house or BOH refers to the part of the restaurant that is not seen by customers.

What is the difference between front of house and back of house in a restaurant?

Front of the house (FOH) employees directly interact with guests. These positions include many positions including the general manager, shift managers, host stand, servers, bartenders, food runners, and bussers.

Back of the house (BOH) employees work mainly behind the scenes where the food is prepared, cooked, and stored. While their importance is often overlooked because they are not seen, they play a vital role in the guest experience.

What restaurant functions are considered back of house?

BOH employees are often responsible for ensuring that the food is ordered, stocked, cooked, and plated correctly. In addition, they are accountable for sanitizing the kitchen and food safety.

What restaurant positions are considered back of house?

The BOH consists mostly of a team that manages the food prep, expedition, and cleanliness of the kitchen. These positions include kitchen manager, chef, sous chef, line cooks, expeditors, dishwasher, etc.


Hiring and Retaining Restaurant Staff

How does BOH play a key role in restaurant profitability?

Your kitchen staff is key to food cost savings. If you have a team that is committed to reducing food waste, you can make the changes you need to improve your CoGS and run more streamlined inventory management.