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How Some McDonald’s Franchisees Scale and Automate Accounting with R365

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This article originally appeared on QSR

Andrew Laufer, managing partner at Laufer, LLP, has been working with owner-operators of over 700 franchisees for decades. Those owner-operators own franchise locations with top quick-service brands like McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, and many others. The operators rely on Laufer’s expertise to build their businesses. 

Here’s a look at some of the work Laufer has done with those franchisees over the years—and how he leverages Restaurant365 to help those franchisees grow and automate their accounting functions. 

“Clients who utilize Restaurant365 tell us that implementing this software was one of the best business decisions they have ever made."

Q. Can you share the success story of a McDonald’s franchisee that Laufer has helped achieve financial security?

Laufer: “We have a client who started with us when he was a McDonald’s ‘Next Gen’ candidate, when they owned four restaurants. Ten years later, he now has 31 restaurants, and I’m proud to say we have helped him every step of the way. 

“In the early growth stages, consulting and advisory services are critically important. From making decisions about infrastructure and acquisitions to assisting with lending and offering accounting services to help the organization scale rapidly, we are so proud to be the key business advisor to our clients.” 

Q. How does Laufer LLP incorporate technology and innovation into its services to better serve clients?

Laufer: “The bottom line is we are always looking to make our client’s lives easier and technology is one way in which we accomplish this. Whether it is through payroll solutions with the best data integrations, state-of-the-art client portal sharing, or the right software technology to run better restaurants, there is always one thing that sets our technology apart. 

“Everything we do is created and built with our client’s needs in mind. We know how unique the restaurant industry is, so for technology and innovation to have the greatest impact, it requires customizations designed specifically for our clients.”

Q. Why did Laufer choose Restaurant365 to partner with?

Laufer: “Restaurant365 is a software platform designed specifically for restaurants and franchises so that is a huge advantage for our clients. The team at Restaurant365 was very agreeable to working with the Laufer team to take the platform a step further to customize it for quick-service restaurants so we knew this would benefit our clients tremendously. To top it all off, the inter-store reporting capabilities offered with the Restaurant365 software platform is simply unmatched in comparison to the other software packages out there.” 

Q. Why do clients choose Restaurant365?

Laufer: “Clients choose Restaurant365 when they are looking for a software platform specifically built for restaurants. By going cloud-based, they are able to access both their financial and operational information in one place without having to login to multiple applications. Because it’s designed exclusively for restaurants, we were able to customize it further, so clients benefit from seamless automation with industry-specific applications and custom reporting.

“Clients who utilize Restaurant365 tell us that implementing this software was one of the best business decisions they have ever made. They finally have a back-office restaurant software platform that helps them to control food costs, optimize labor and gauge their financials in real-time. They say that running their business operations has never been easier and that is our goal at Laufer, LLP—to make our clients’ lives easier.”

Q. What sets Laufer LLP apart from other accounting firms in the industry?

Laufer: “In our efforts to make sure restaurant owners keep the money they work so hard to earn, we proactively stay up-to-date on all the ways to minimize tax burdens such as Work Opportunity Tax Credits, Employee Retention Tax Credits, and Federal Location-Based Incentives to name a few. We started a tax credit company and have helped restaurateurs save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. 

“As you know, a few years ago, we collaborated with Restaurant365 to customize the software platform with data integrations and other tools to help quick-service restaurants, specifically McDonald’s owner-operators, control food costs, optimize labor, and ultimately increase revenue.

“Quite simply, we do whatever it takes to make our clients’ lives easier. That is our mission and what sets us apart from other accounting firms. Restaurant365 helps us to accomplish this.”