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A Tour of Our Newly Redesigned Website

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At Restaurant365, we are constantly seeking new ways to support our mission of providing owners, operators, and managers the tools they need to perfect their back-office operations to become more profitable while offering the best guest experiences.

We are excited to announce the launch of our newly re-designed website with these goals in mind. The new site features a modern design, improved functionality, and easy access to the essential information that is fundamental for success.

To help you navigate the many changes to our site, we have summarized some key information you might be interested in below. We hope you will enjoy our new site.

Product Offerings

No business blends artistry, people, and ingredients like a restaurant, and none is as challenging or memorable. R365 helps leaders master their accounting, operations, and workforce to create incredible moments that drive profits and growth.

R365 Accounting

R365 Accounting is the engine of growing restaurant groups, helping improve margins and scale without adding overhead thanks to frictionless POS integration, a direct general ledger connection, automated accounts payable, and real-time reporting.

R365 Store Operations

With R365 Store Operations, your back office seamlessly connects to the front-of-house to drive margins with real-time inventory, automated purchasing, forecasting, recipes, data-driven scheduling, and seamless shift-to-shift communication.

R365 Workforce

R365 Workforce is our newest offering, creating connected experiences across the employee lifecycle, driving engagement and growth from an employee’s first touch as an applicant to their last paycheck and every day in between.

We Serve Those Who Serve Others 

We’re proud to say our client base is diverse and dynamic, just like the restaurant industry. Concepts of all types, from independent restaurant concepts to franchisee groups, as well as leading accounting firms servicing restaurants, trust R365 to help manage and streamline their back office.

Small Business

With R365, savvy entrepreneurs get out of the walk-in and away from the computer while streamlining accounting and back-office systems to power data-driven decision-making with integrated POS, labor, and operations reports.

Multi-Location Groups

R365 delivers everything you need — from accounting and store operations to workforce management — in an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that connects to more than 400 of the industry’s leading vendor, technology, channel, and service partners.


R365 provides an end-to-end industry-specific Restaurant Enterprise Management platform that combines accounting, store operations, and workforce management. With R365, enterprise groups streamline high-level work and all the critically important details so every location can enhance guests’ experiences and drive growth.

Franchise Brands

R365’s industry-specific, cloud-based accounting and operations platform seamlessly integrates with your POS systems, payroll providers, food and beverage vendors, and banks to give you the ability the see and control your business like never before while saving you time that can be redirected toward meaningful strategic initiatives.

Our Partners Make Us Stronger

R365 Partner Ecosystem

R365 integrates with hundreds of leading restaurant vendors, technologies, channel, and service partners to ensure you have everything you need to pursue your passion, profit, and growth. As part of R365’s extended team, you’ll be able to both better serve your customers and tap into our fast-growing network of tens of thousands of potential new customers.

Our Resource Hub 

Whether you like to watch, read, or connect, R365 has a growing menu of information to keep you up-to-date on restaurant news and best practices. Search our full hub of hundreds of blogs, guides, webinars, case studies, ebooks, videos, and calculators.