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Top 21 Digital Disruptors Shaping the Restaurant Industry

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This article originally appeared in QSR.

Restaurant technology is no longer the laggard. Pandemic conditions – namely the inability to dine in –cracked wide a world of innovation that historically had trailed other industries, like retail. The reason why wasn’t a great mystery. Food is a personal experience and operators have longed relied on their gut instincts to survive. But today’s landscape, rife with technology, flooded in thanks to adoption and, also, what’s fast become an understood point – that guest experience and solutions can, in fact, live side-by-side.

As breakneck as these innovations arrived over the past couple of years, however, are now recalibrating and asking themselves what comes next. There’s no lone answer or sure-fire reality. Yet there is, without debate, a lot to discuss.

For the second year, QSR recognizes its Digital Disruptors: the change-makers and innovators laying the blueprint for a more connected restaurant world than ever.

Restaurant365 could not be more proud to have our Cofounder and CEO be named amongst these Digital Disruptors shaping the future of the restaurant industry.

See the full list here.

Tony Smith, Cofounder and CEO, Restaurant365

Tony Smith loves to solve problems and has done so for many businesses throughout his career using software. This interest drew he and his cofounders to a largely underserved and fragmented market—the restaurant industry. When his group learned of the difficulties faced by operators and the complexities of different software solutions only meeting partial needs, they sought to create a unified answer. That was the genesis of Restaurant365, an all-in-one cloud-based accounting, inventory, scheduling, payroll, and HR solution developed specifically for restaurants. Customers run the gamut—major franchise brands, enterprise restaurant groups, multi-location groups, small businesses, and accounting firms in the industry.

“Over the years, the industry’s pain points continue to change based on market conditions and outside factors,” Smith says. “While I loathe to hear about operators facing difficulties, that always provides us an opportunity to continually evolve our solution and solve more problems for this industry I’ve grown a deep love for.”

Restaurant365 invests heavily into research and development to continually release new innovations. These efforts are informed by customers’ needs and the industry’s overall evolution. Human resources management appears to be the most common pain point, which is why the company is working toward expanding its payroll solution, driving food cost improvement, and providing better communication between workers and managers. This includes a new Mobile Manager Logbook, which allows managers to keep a digital record of customer concerns, personnel issues, vendor mishaps, and other impactful events. The organization helps operators identify trends and use the insights to improve business.