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Dish Society Gains $300,000 in Profits a Year


Dish Society needed an end-to-end, industry-specific solution that could bring labor, operations, and accounting under one system that could also integrate with Aloha POS to make the company and its locations more efficient.


Thanks to Restaurant365’s ability to easily connect with all systems, automatically import data, and provide managers with actionable insights, Dish Society reduced its Cost of Goods Sold and labor costs by an average of 5% in each store.

Dish Society


Dish Society opened their first restaurant in 2014 with a focus on using the highest quality and freshest ingredients possible, sourcing the majority of it from local suppliers. The all-day diner is known for turning out a seasonally changing menu with healthful modern twists on traditional favorites. Today, Dish Society has 6 locations in the Houston area. Dish Society has been utilizing a suite of Compeat (now R365) products since June of 2015.


Prior to Compeat, Dish Society relied on Quickbooks to manage accounting and utilized a separate, manual inventory system to manage their back office. Quickbooks was not integrated with their Aloha POS so daily sales were posted to accounting by hand. It would take 30-45 days after the end of each month to get accurate financials, making it impossible to do a timely analysis of their daily business. Inventory count valuations were also done manually which was time consuming and the accuracy of information was not reliable.


Dish Society realized that in order to run their business more efficiently they needed an end-toend operational and financial control system that was fully integrated with their Point of Sale. They implemented Compeat in both restaurant locations in June of 2015 and began doing all of the Aloha POS polling, daily sales reporting, inventory control, food cost analysis, and accounting via Compeat’s Inventory and Accounting modules. They also implemented Compeat Labor to provide them with time and attendance and labor scheduling and Compeat Hire for applicant tracking and onboarding.


Dish Society began seeing benefits almost immediately after implementing Compeat. The built in ability to monitor actual vs. theoretical costs allowed store managers to check-in on the controllable cost of goods on a weekly basis and make necessary adjustments. As a result, they have reduced their food and beverage costs by an impressive amount. “In just 6 months of using Compeat we were able to reduce our controllable cost of goods by an average of 5%,” says Trent Patterson, Director of Operations at Dish Society. “This results in an overall gain of profits of $300,000 a year!”

A seamless integration with Aloha POS system has allowed Dish Society to automate and streamline their reconciliation and general ledger posting processes. POS information is captured, reported, reconciled, and posted to their General Ledger and banking system in one easy step. Data is entered just one-time reducing redundant entry and room for human entry error.

The days of waiting 30-45 days to get month-end financials are long gone for Dish Society. With Compeat they are able to get all the financial information they need to submit to their accountant within 3 days at the end of each period. This allows managers to take a real time, actionable approach and drive behavior based on comparable month end reports.

Last but certainly not least, Dish Society has been able to drastically decrease their labor costs with Compeat. “The ability to accurately compare scheduled labor to actual labor, better sales projections, and the streamlined process from having one solution that communicates with everything, has resulted in a 5% drop in labor costs,” says Patterson.As Dish Society continues to grow they will utilize Compeat for all of their back office, workforce and accounting needs. “Compeat is a one stop shop for everything we need. It provides us with a central platform that everyone can access at any time and brings structure to our operation. We could not be more pleased,” says Patterson.

“In just 6 months of using Compeat, we were able to reduce our controllable cost of goods by an average of 5%. This results in an overall gain of profits of $300,000 a year!”

– Trent Patterson Director of Operations