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Five Effective Ways to Revamp Sales and Marketing Efforts

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This article was published in The Business Journals Leadership Trust and features Compeat CMO, Kristi Turner.

Since the start of the pandemic, companies have had to come up with creative ways to stay relevant in the era of social distancing. Sales and marketing campaigns have had to stray from the more traditional strategies and pivot to meet changing consumer needs.

With some “standard” techniques like in-person meetings and large events still on hold, it’s vital for companies to find new, creative ways to market themselves while consumers are socially distancing. Below, five members of Business Journals Leadership Trust share some effective ways to revamp your efforts in today’s environment.

1. Use a mix of digital engagement platforms.

This past year has made us all re-evaluate how we meet and engage with customers. Using a mix of engagement platforms, which includes virtual engagements, digital solutions and social media has enabled us to keep a surround sound for our field force to keep our products and patients top of mind. In addition, we have KPIs for each of these channels to measure impact. – Lynn RosenAmryt Pharma plc

2. Focus on the ‘human touch’ at the end of the online buyer journey.

The most effective way for companies to ensure success is to always integrate marketing and sales plans. If you understand your audience (clients and targets), then you know that 80% of their buying process and research happens online with your content and buyer journey. The sales team then closes the buyer journey by adding the human touch into the process. – Suzanne ReedLBMC

3. Deliver engaging virtual experiences.

Companies must re-evaluate their go-to-market strategies to focus on digital and virtual experiences. Digital was important before the pandemic and now it has become hyper-important. From web experiences and new tools/content to executing better digital targeting with ABX to social selling to remote product demos, all have become key areas of focus in this era of social distancing. – Jim KrugerVeeam Software

4. Tailor communications to your customers’ current mindset.

Lean into the reality of the trust economy by understanding the consumer mindset shifts that have happened during a global pandemic. Tailor your communication and your sales and marketing efforts to the current consumer mindset. Show empathy, be understanding and offer support. Depending on your target audience and industry, you simply have to shift the tonality of your message for alignment. – Kristi TurnerCompeat

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