Great Plains Comparison

Learn Why Restaurant365 Beats Great Plains

Top 10 Things R365 Does Better Than Great Plains

Eliminates Reconciliation Efforts

Do you reconcile Excel to your accounting software? Do you reconcile your accounting software to your ‘back office’ system? Say goodbye to all that effort. With Restaurant365, it is all one-in-the-same. This has saved some folks up to a full day per week. Spend time on things that add value.

Restaurant Stock Counts

Each location’s storage and kitchen space is unique. Restaurant365 allows you to create unique stock count templates per location with the appropriate count Unit of Measure for each item.

Online Banking Integration

Data feeds from the major banks and American Express auto create new expense transactions. For imported checks, the import process auto marks them as ‘matched’ for bank reconciliation.

Restaurant Intercompany

Restaurant365 automates the creation of all ‘Due To/From’ entries from allocating expenses across locations, applying payments or receipts, and depositing funds from one legal entity into the checkbook of another.

POS Integration

Restaurant365 connects directly to your point of sale system instead of requiring a separate application. This integration not only creates a daily sales journal entry for you per location but it also creates a daily labor accrual entry.

Extended Features Beyond Back Office

Generic ERP solutions stop short of providing you help or insight into other critical areas of your business. Restaurant365 offers powerful recipe & menu costing and franchising modules.

Credit Card Reconciliation

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover receipts imported from the POS are combined into a single deposit each day called ‘Credit Card Combined’. This mirrors how the money is deposited in your bank thus producing tighter control over cash.

Detailed Invoice Vendor Integration

Restaurant365 imports your vendor invoices in detail, by inventory item, including ‘split’ items. This process also auto-updates item prices for stock count purposes and gives managers detailed info for checking for accuracy.

Small Price Margins

You need every dollar as much as you need all the features. The price is as tailored for you as is the functionality. No generic ERP can compare.

Unlimited Users

Reduced your monthly costs with unlimited users, providing everyone on your team the visibility they need without an added expense.

Five Simple Steps to Easily Convert to R365

1. Sign-up for Restaurant365.

It is simple and easy. Contact us for pricing based on the number of restaurant locations.

2. Upload your Great Plains Data.

We will convert and import all of your master files including your Chart of Accounts, Legal Entities and Locations, Vendors, & Customers.

3. Schedule your POS Integration.

A key benefit of Restaurant365 is the direct integration of your Point-Of-Sale sales and labor data into the Accounting module.  Schedule a time for the connection to be established and set the time for the automatic import.

4. Choose additional Restaurant365 Modules.

(Optional)  Restaurant365 isn’t just awesome restaurant accounting and financial reporting, but a restaurant software platform including Inventory w/ Mobile Counts, Recipe Costing, Commissary, Catering, Scheduling, Franchising (for franchisors), and Business Analytics including Dashboards.

5. Go-live.

Set your go-live date and finalize the cut-over by importing your open transactions and beginning balances.  We help you through your go-live to make sure you are getting the most out of Restaurant365.

Schedule a Demo

Restaurant365 makes getting starting easy and painless. A designated setup coach will guide you through set-up process.

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