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Thriving In 2024: Tips For Restaurant Operators

The new year is our opportunity to start fresh with good habits, and the same goes for your restaurant! In this guide, we’ll go through some of the best practices to implement come January for you and your team to help grow your business. This guide covers:

Restaurant Hiring In 2024: Uncover some of the ways to attract talent in the coming year and make your restaurant operation more attractive to Gen Z employees.

Store Operations: Learn the basics of forecasting for the coming year. Discover some best practices for restaurant inventory and keeping track of key items to keep CoGS in check.

Menu Engineering: Learn the basics of menu engineering to maximize the profit of your menu.

These are just some of the areas to make updates to your operation during the January lull to grow your business and maximize profits in 2024. Good luck! 

“The new year is also a good time to implement any new systems, like inventory software, to streamline your inventory counts. These systems greatly reduce the amount of time inventory takes, remove human error, and even automatically flag any incongruencies or needs to re-order low stock items…”

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