Beyond syntax: How these 4 Austin tech companies live out their core values

This article was written by Kelly O’Halloran for Built in Austin

No longer do core values simply hang on office walls while getting ignored by employees. Instead, core values have become a template of guiding principles at companies to encourage favorable workplace behaviors, attitudes and habits, embraced from leadership down and used across areas of the business to impact recruiting, promotions, cultural building and more. We caught up with members from four Austin tech companies to learn how their values have gone from words on a banner to daily mantra practice.

Compeat’s Customer User Conference 2019

Compeat’s five pillars emphasize the people they serve and how they do so through a focus on employee experience. We connected with Carol Dunnigan, the restaurant management platform’s SVP of people and culture, to learn how people, appreciation, passion, empathy and integrity impact their daily work.

What are the values that drive Compeat’s culture? Why are those values so important to your business?

First and foremost, Compeat values our people — our team members, our customers, partners and investors. We put equal focus on the customer experience and the employee experience as we create an environment where our team members can be innovative, creative and challenged to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We value appreciation and make it a practice to tell and show each other how we appreciate the work being done every day, no matter the size of the win. We are passionate about our customers and helping them solve their problems through our combination of technology and restaurant industry expertise. We have empathy for our customers and their pain points, and know how to address them, too. Integrity in all we do is paramount, and we are proud to support our amazing restaurant customers across the country thrive and grow.

What are some steps you take to stay true to those values?

To be truly values-driven, you need to put the employee experience at the center of what you focus on. Whether it’s designing work spaces, taking action on their candid survey feedback, making their first day on the job amazing, ensuring they have the training and resources they need to have a compelling career, supporting them through a personal crisis or processing their exits, we always treat employees with empathy, respect and care.

We have brought humanity into our workplace and are reaping the benefits of improved retention, higher levels of understanding and excitement about our company vision and mission to serve our customers, and a camaraderie that allows us all to have a lot of fun as we tackle challenges and stay ahead of the competition.

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