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Restaurant365 Acquires ExpandShare

Restaurant365 Acquires ExpandShare

ExpandShare Founder Eric Harsh said he was grateful to join Restaurant365 in its mission to integrate and streamline restaurant workforce management, alongside accounting and store operations, on a single platform

This article first appeared in Fast Casual.

Restaurant365, an all-in-one restaurant enterprise management platform, has finalized the acquisition of ExpandShare, a learning-management system built for restaurants to deliver and track training content quickly and easily across platforms.

“Guest satisfaction is paramount to restaurant success, and the main driver for both is capable employees who carry a strong company culture to customers,” Restaurant365 co-founder and CEO Tony Smith said in a company press release. “We’re thrilled to offer this invaluable learning tool to the 40,000 locations we serve, and we’re confident that adding best-in-class training to our one-of-a-kind back-office system will allow leaders to holistically grow their business in a way the industry has never seen.”