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Interview Series: Nicole Menden, CEO of WVC RubixCloud

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Nicole Menden


WVC RubixCloud

Nicole Menden talks about her ascent within WVC RubixCloud, where her passion for aiding businesses shines through every endeavor. Nicole discusses her growth from a foundational role to becoming a key player in the company’s mission to enhance financial clarity for clients. She reveals her leadership mantra of transparency, empowerment, and recognition, and how it fosters a dynamic team environment. Uncover how Nicole’s personal drive and WVC RubixCloud’s innovative approach to client relationships deliver tailored financial strategies. 

Pinar Alptunaer

Partner Marketing Manager


Pinar Alptunaer is Partner Marketing Manager at Restaurant365, managing relationships with accounting channel and strategic partners. Pinar also manages sponsorships for R365 events like the Restaurant Transformation Tour. With over 20 years of experience working in the hospitality industry, she continues to keep her finger on the pulse by working The Masters Golf Tournament for the past 11 years. A New Orleans native, Pinar grew up between the United States and Istanbul, engraining her love of all things food and hospitality.


Nicole, could you share the story of your journey with WVC RubixCloud? How did you get started and what inspired you to join the team?  

Nicole Menden

Yes, of course! I’ve always had a passion for helping people. It’s this drive that guided me through my academic and early professional years. After completing my MBA, I embarked on my career with WVC RubixCloud in 2014. It was an exciting time, William Vaughan Company’s new venture aimed at transforming how businesses understand and manage their finances. The concept was innovative and ambitious: to provide businesses with the clarity and insights needed to make informed decisions, thereby enhancing their operational and financial health. This initiative was the genesis of WVC RubixCloud. 

Being asked to join WVC RubixCloud right from its inception was a pivotal moment for me. The objective resonated with my core values—helping businesses thrive by unlocking their financial potential. I started in the organization as a data entry specialist, a position that provided me with a foundational understanding of our mission and services. But I didn’t stay there; I was motivated to grow, to learn, and to contribute more significantly to our mission. 

My journey through the ranks was both challenging and rewarding. I made it a point to learn every aspect of each role I encountered, believing that a comprehensive understanding of our operations would be critical to our success—and mine. This approach has allowed me to connect deeply with our team, our mission, and the businesses we serve. It’s been a journey of continuous learning, adaptation, and growth. 

What inspired me to join the team and remain committed to our cause was the direct impact we have on our clients. Every day, we empower businesses to see their financial landscape more clearly, make strategic decisions with confidence, and navigate their path to success with greater assurance. This alignment of my personal passion with our corporate mission has made my journey with WVC RubixCloud not just a career but a calling. 


Leading a team to success is no small feat. What’s your secret sauce for motivating your team and driving them towards common goals?  

Nicole Menden

My approach to leading and motivating my team revolves around three core principles: transparency, empowerment, and recognition. 

First and foremost, transparency is our guiding principle. We cultivate an environment where open communication is the norm, ensuring every team member is aligned with our vision, understands the challenges we face, and recognizes the value of their contributions. This approach builds a foundation of trust and respect, energizing our team and fostering a cohesive work culture. 

Empowerment is at the heart of our operations. We encourage each individual to take charge of their areas, make key decisions, and initiate changes. This empowerment is bolstered by continuous support in terms of training and resources, enabling our team to navigate challenges with confidence. It’s this sense of ownership and inclusion that accelerates professional growth and strengthens our collective bond. 

Recognition is our way of fueling motivation. By celebrating individual milestones and team successes alike, we not only boost morale but also reinforce our collective dedication to achieving outstanding results. This practice of acknowledgment is crucial in maintaining a motivated and focused team. 

In essence, our ‘secret sauce’ is creating an environment where transparency, empowerment, and recognition converge to inspire our team.


I’m curious, how do you approach a new client relationship, especially when identifying their needs and how WVC RubixCloud can meet them?  

Nicole Menden

When initiating a new client relationship, my approach is centered around comprehensive understanding and personalized strategy. The first step involves in-depth consultations where we listen intently to the client’s specific challenges and aspirations. This is not just about surface-level issues but digging deeper into the operational, financial, and strategic facets of their business. 

At WVC RubixCloud, we leverage these insights to tailor a unique solution that aligns perfectly with the client’s objectives. Our strength lies in our ability to not only analyze and interpret complex financial data but also transform it into actionable strategies. This approach ensures that we’re not just another service provider but a strategic partner poised to drive meaningful growth and efficiency in their operations. 


Diving into R365, what’s been one of the most rewarding experiences you’ve had implementing it for a client? Any particular success story that comes to mind?

Nicole Menden

Every client we onboard to R365 becomes a testament to success, yet one story from last year particularly shines. Initially, this client struggled with outdated financial practices, receiving their financial statements on a cash basis, months delayed. They were in the dark about their cost of goods sold, payroll, and liabilities on a monthly basis. Their financial reconciliation was a monthly chore based solely on bank statements, with end-of-year adjustments to correct the figures. 

Upon joining R365, the transformation was remarkable. Payroll began to accrue daily, sales were seamlessly integrated each day, and they gained immediate clarity on obligations such as tips and sales tax. Expenses were recognized as they occurred, rather than when paid. With WVC RubixCloud managing weekly bank reconciliations and handling bill payments, the client significantly reduced their time spent on accounting, freeing them to focus on growing their business.. Weekly reports now guide them to make strategic decisions that directly enhance their financial performance. 

The transition to R365, facilitated by With WVC RubixCloud’s expertise, has not just improved their operational efficiency but has been a pivotal moment of success, demonstrating the profound impact of timely, accurate financial insights on an organization’s success. 


What’s your approach to integrating new clients onto R365, and how do you ensure a smooth transition and adoption for them?  

Nicole Menden

Our approach to onboarding new clients onto R365 is designed to be as seamless and efficient as possible from the very start. We understand the importance of a smooth transition, which is why we begin with providing an onboarding checklist to serve as a roadmap, guiding clients through each critical task and milestone. To manage expectations and maintain momentum, we focus on project timelines and transparency through open communication. Without giving to much away, we collectively work together to ensure we are on task while also taking into consideration the needs of the client. 

To ensure a smooth transition, we closely monitor the adoption phase, offering additional support and resources as needed. Our goal is for clients to not just use R365, but to truly maximize its potential to transform their operations. This comprehensive, client-centric approach to onboarding is what sets us apart and ensures our clients are not just satisfied but are advocates for the seamless integration and adoption experience we provide. The goal is that by go live, the system is setup with all integrations, the client is trained on the software, and the reports are providing everything that is needed for the client to make informed decisions.   


Looking ahead, what trends do you see shaping the restaurant industry, and how is WVC RubixCloud positioning itself to lead within those trends?  

Nicole Menden

Two significant trends are poised to reshape the restaurant industry: increasing adoption of automation and artificial intelligence (AI). These trends are largely driven by the ongoing challenge of labor shortages, pushing the industry towards innovative solutions to maintain operations and enhance customer experiences. At WVC RubixCloud, we’re keenly aware of these shifts and are positioning ourselves at the forefront to lead within this new landscape. 

The lack of employees has accelerated the need for restaurants to adopt automation and AI, not just in their service delivery but across the board, from inventory management to customer interaction, and even in financial analysis and decision-making. This is where WVC RubixCloud steps in. Our services are designed to seamlessly integrate with these technological advancements, offering insights and analytics that empower restaurant owners and managers to make informed decisions amidst these changes. 

Our platform leverages real-time financial analytics, predictive modeling, and operational insights. This means we can help any restaurant, anywhere, not just to navigate the challenges posed by labor shortages but to thrive through them. By automating key aspects of financial management and providing actionable intelligence, we enable restaurants to focus on what they do best: delivering exceptional dining experiences. 

Moreover, as the industry continues to evolve, WVC RubixCloud is committed to innovating alongside it. We’re continuously enhancing our capabilities to ensure that our clients are always at the cutting edge, able to leverage the latest in automation and AI to their advantage. Whether it’s streamlining operations, optimizing costs, or identifying new revenue opportunities, we’re here to ensure that restaurants have the tools and insights they need to succeed in this new era. 

In essence, as the restaurant industry adapts to the realities of labor shortages through automation and AI, WVC RubixCloud is not just keeping pace; we’re leading the charge. We see our services as integral to this progression, offering a bridge between cutting-edge technology and strategic business decision-making. Our goal is to empower restaurants across the globe to embrace these trends confidently and to carve out a path to success in an ever-changing landscape. 


If you could be any cocktail, which one would you be and why?  

Nicole Menden

If I could be any cocktail, I’d be a Jack Daniels and Coke – NO ICE – classic, straightforward, and with just the right mix of boldness and sweetness. Why? Well, much like this timeless drink, I believe in the power of simplicity combined with a kick of something special.