What to Expect from the Gen Z Consumer: High-Tech Expectations and Healthier Tastes

Wondering how Generation Z will change the restaurant industry? Our CMO, Kristi Turner, shared with Nation’s Restaurant News her predictions for the newest generation of diners – including a higher focus on health and sustainability.

Millennials and their taste for avocados, Instagrammable food and locavore cuisine have dominated the restaurant industry for the past several years. But business owners should not ignore their younger siblings: Generation Z. As Gen Z enters their 20s, they’ll start taking up more purchasing power. But as the first generation of digital natives, how will they change the restaurant industry?

Kristi Turner, CMO of restaurant management software company, Compeat, believes that Generation Z will continue the healthy and sustainable trend, with a focus on environmental issues when making food decisions. Turner said that Gen Z diners “do their homework” on restaurants and food delivery services when figuring out where to eat.

But the key to keeping younger diners satisfied is by focusing on convenience. “Gen Z expects everything to be available online, so the use of technology is key to capturing these diners,” Turner said. “Restaurants need to create a huge mobile presence with easy-to-find menus, detailed food descriptions and links to mapping programs to gain the attention of a generation known for having an 8-second attention span. Gen Zers have also been credited for desiring more face-to-face interaction than the Millennials.”

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