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talech provides merchants with a powerful yet easy to use point of sale software with rich analytics and deep insights. Built by a team from Yahoo!, eBay, Amazon, Apple, Zynga and Oracle, talech’s mission is to help small and medium sized businesses run their operations better and grow their sales in a competitive environment. We believe the corner store should have as much insight into their business as a big box retailer or commerce site. For restaurants, cafes, bars, retailers, salons, spas, barbers and so much more, talech offers a range of cost-effective point of sale options that have the potential to grow revenue, control costs and improve operations. From talech Mobile which gives small businesses the essentials to run their operations and deliver a quality customer experience without paying monthly software fees or paying for lots of expensive hardware, to multi-location businesses with high turnover and large numbers of employees, talech offers a variety of hardware and software configurations to suit your needs and your pocket.

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