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Thrive POS


POS Technology

Thrive POS is the definitive Point of Sale solution tailor-made for pizza and delivery-centric restaurants. Whether you’re a hometown pizzeria or a multi-location franchise, our platform is designed to meet the distinct demands of the pizza world.

Ensuring efficient deliveries is at the forefront of our platform. With Thrive POS, restaurants have an integrated driver management tool designed to enhance driver efficiency, ensuring timely deliveries while optimizing resources. Our robust online ordering system doesn’tjust facilitate seamless orders for your customers, but ti also integrates smoothly with third-party platforms like DoorDash.

But the experience goes beyond just deliveries. Dive into customer order histories to personalize offers and ensure repeat business with our SalesBuilder loyalty feature. With the added advantage of custom coupon offer creation and remote menu management, our platform offers unparalleled customization for promotions and specials that resonate with your clientele. For businesses spanning multiple locations, unified multi-store menu management guarantees brand consistency and operational efficiency.

Integration is at the heart of Thrive POS. Easily connect with top-tier tools like Restaurant365, so while you’re busy crafting the best pizza, backend operations from accounting to inventory flow smoothly. And with our committed support team, rich in pizza industry insight, you’re never without expert guidance.

In a rapidly evolving dining landscape, where timely delivery, online ordering, and customer engagement reign supreme, Thrive POS is the trusted tech partner empowering pizzerias to consistently delight their patrons.

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