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Compeat and Ctuit Announce Customer Benefits with Acquisition Progress

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Two New Products Launched Since Combining Companies

Following the merger of the two SaaS restaurant management software market leaders, Compeat and Ctuit are pleased to announce significant progress with a powerful integrated product roadmap and two new products launched since the July 2017 acquisition.

“We have made tremendous progress,” states Jeffrey Stone, CEO of the combined companies of Compeat and Ctuit. “Over the past six months, the teams have combined forces to rollout two new products as well as solidified a unified, best-of-breed product roadmap. The end result will be the most robust and comprehensive product portfolio in the market with one vendor, one contact, and one login.”

The product development teams have successfully taken the Ctuit Manager Log, an unmatched mobile logbook that gives restaurant professionals the visibility, consistency and accountability to manage shift changes smoothly, and rolled it out as an improved Logbook for Compeat customers.

Secondly, the company has also launched a new myWorkforce Mobile App, a leading employee scheduling app that allows employees to manage their weekly schedules in real time from their mobile device. The myWorkforce Mobile App is offered to all current Compeat Labor and Schedule customers at no additional charge.

Next on the product development roadmap is offering Compeat’s popular Intelligence Ad-hoc reporting tool to our existing Ctuit RADAR customers at no additional charge. At the annual Ctuit User Conference April 24th-26th in Sonoma Valley, Ctuit customers will be introduced to Intelligence Ad-hoc reporting and other new products they will have access to as a result of the acquisition like Compeat Accounting, Hire and Payroll products.

In addition, both customer bases will inherit the tremendous benefits of the new user interface and web-based integrated Compeat Accounting and Inventory upgrade that is currently in Beta testing with several customers and receiving rave reviews for the amount of time the new user experience is saving management.

“We are laser focused on driving improved user experience for both our Ctuit and Compeat customer base while integrating the two platforms as quickly as possible,” adds Stone. “We are taking the best features from both our Ctuit and Compeat products to create our future combined portfolio products. As an improved user experience or additional features become available we will simply roll it out as a normal software upgrade, ensuring our customers’ workflows are uninterrupted.”

Over the next year, Compeat customers will gain access to additional inventory features, a manager operations mobile app, an event management module and hundreds of additional customer centric intelligence reports. Ctuit customers will gain access to an integrated accounting product, an onboarding and applicant tracking product in Hire, as well as a Payroll product and a true ad hoc analytics intelligence platform. It is truly a “win-win” for both customer bases.