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More Restaurants Than Ever Embrace Technology as Operations Increase in Complexity

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Compeat technology helps restaurants drive prime costs down and make smarter decisions 

As managing a restaurant grows increasingly complex with ever-changing labor laws, high employee turnover, and slim margins, operators are turning to technology to increase profitability, manage their workforce, and drive efficiency. Compeat is pleased to announce more restaurants than ever are choosing Compeat technology to help make running a restaurant a little easier and put more dollars to their bottom line.  Dairy Queen of Tyler, Thunderdome, Inspire Concepts, and Oregano’s Pizza Bistro are just a few of the hundreds of new customers that have partnered with Compeat in 2018.

“Our new customer growth has doubled in the first half of 2018,” states Jeff Stone, CEO of Compeat. “From our conversations with customers it is driven by the ever-increasing complexity of running a restaurant. Technology is becoming an essential component of success for any restaurant.”

According to The NCR Restaurant Technology Survey Pulse, 67 percent of restaurant owners and managers said technology has increased their revenue.  A recent report published by Small Business Trends revealed that 63% of restaurant owners and managers say they would invest in technology if it made their day-to-day operations more efficient and 58% said they’d invest in technology if it helped them reduce costs and overhead.

“Restaurant operations are chaotic,” continues Stone. “Management cannot fix what they can’t see. So, we first give our customers the business intelligence they need to see their data – sales, labor, food and beverage costs, compliance issues, financials – all in one place. Then, we give them the tools to optimize their labor and food costs, hire smarter, and manage their workforce. Our customers tell us all the time that they want their data integrated and accessible through a single log-in, with fewer technology vendors to manage. Therefore, that is our goal.”

Compeat offers integrated Accounting, Back Office, Workforce, and Intelligence solutions for restaurants. However, they design the purchasing by module to ensure that each customer receives only the solutions that they need or want at the time that they want them. Here are just a few new customers and their unique Compeat product selections:

Dairy Queens of Tyler, LLC., who operates 15 family friendly locations in North Texas with downhome service paired with high-quality ingredients, has chosen Compeat’s Accounting, Inventory, Labor, Schedule, Intelligence, and Logbook solutions.

Thunderdome Restaurant Group, who owns and operates seven urban casual dining restaurants concepts with over 35 locations nationwide under brand names like Bakersfield, The Eagle, Krueger’s Tavern, and Maplewood Kitchen as well as fast casual brands like Currito, SoHi, and CityBird, have chosen Compeat’s Labor and Schedule solutions.

Inspired Concepts, LLC. owns and manages over 24 restaurant locations throughout Michigan and Indiana, including Bennigan’s, The Italian Oven, Pixie, Smashburger, Ponderosa Steakhouse, Big Apple Bagels, Noodles & Company, Old Chicago, and Cracked: An A.M. Addiction. They have incorporated Polling, GL Sales, Accounts Payable, Labor Scheduling, COGS with Inventory, Recipes, and Prep Sheet Management to streamline their operations.

Oregano’s Pizza Bistro’s award-winning dishes are a mix of old world classics and cool new recipes, served up in big portions.  The family owned restaurant operates 22 locations in Arizona and are set to expand to Fort Collins, Colorado soon.  They have selected one of Compeat’s Intelligence’s products, Ctuit RADAR with GL Sales.