Accounts Payable Software for Restaurants

Streamline Your Entire Accounts Payable Process

Restaurant365’s fully integrated AP Automation is the most efficient way to streamline the entire accounts payable process in a single platform. From invoice capture to approval workflow and flexible payment options, our full-service AP Automation solution is designed to help you run your restaurant business more efficiently.

AP Payments

Eliminate manual check writing and let Restaurant365 automatically process the check, ACH, or single-use virtual card payment.

Automate Your Payments with One Click

Once you send a payment, Restaurant365 handles the rest. Our team will take care of all printing and postage while working with your vendors to negotiate the most cost-effective payment method for your team, whether check, ACH, or the virtual card.

Secure Your Payments

Leverage Positive Pay and Restaurant365’s virtual card to protect against fraud. Rest easy knowing our system is SOC I Type 2 and SOC II Type 2 certified. 

Reduce Costs and Earn Rebates

Transform check printing costs into rebates by leveraging our state-of-the-art virtual card. Every payment processed via Restaurant365’s virtual card will earn rebates that can be applied to reduce or eliminate the cost of our AP Payments program. 

AP Capture

Choose a capture method depending on the vendor’s original invoice type and how your vendor submits it.

Reduce invoice handling costs

Eliminate manual data entry and processing of invoices. Reduce the cost of invoice handling and errors with R365’s digital conversion and processing of paper invoices.

Capture invoices

Upload the invoice directly into Restaurant365, send an image through a mobile device or scanner, or allow vendors to send invoices directly into R365.

Create accounting records

Transform documents into accounting records that are coded to your GL record, adding inventory to the system automatically.


Use the workflow feature to set up an approval workflow, enabling approvals for visibility at all levels of the organization.

Set up an approval workflow

Determine who needs to approve a transaction before it posts to the GL, then create your own routing rules.

Set up multi-level approvals

Automatically escalate approvals through multiple levels based on dollar amounts, location or location category.

Create workflows for journal entries

Set up workflows for journal entries based on the user who created the entry. 

AP Payments

Remove the manual lift and cost of payment processing with automated payments, while eliminating the need to integrate 3rd party payment solutions back into your accounting platform.

Pay vendors securely

Automate the payment process with direct and secure vendor payments, alleviating the manual entry associated with check writing and ACH uploads.

Choose your payment method

Select from a number of payment methods, including check, ACH, ACH+, proxy payments, virtual card and other digital options.

Get cash back

Earn early payment discounts and rebates.

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