Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Reduce Inventory Costs

Next to labor, restaurant inventory is the most controllable cost in your restaurant business and Restaurant365 restaurant inventory management software helps you through each step of the inventory lifecycle to help you control your food costs.

Track Sheet-to-Shelf Inventory

Automate the entire restaurant inventory process, from tracking your items and getting auto-updates on item prices, to recording stock counts and automatically creating your adjusting journal entry. Get a custom sheet-to-shelf counting experience per store with location-specific stock count templates.

Order precisely

Use suggestive ordering in Restaurant365’s restaurant inventory management software to purchase inventory at the right level to reduce over ordering and food waste.

Track actual vs. theoretical food costs

Access interactive, real-time reports on actual food costs versus theoretical food costs to close the gap on variances.

Run real-time inventory reports

Use the out-of-the-box inventory reports or create your own versions to customize the reporting experience.

Convert your stock count to a journal entry automatically

Complete your stock count within the restaurant inventory management software, then it becomes the inventory journal entry in the R365 accounting module.

Experience End-to-End Inventory Management

From counting and transferring to ordering and invoicing, do it all with Restaurant365 restaurant inventory management software.

Count inventory on the go

Easily count your inventory on your phone or tablet with the Restaurant365 mobile app.

Monitor transfers

Track inventory transfers between stores automatically with the restaurant inventory management software’s stock transfer feature, ensuring that true product usage is accurately reflected in your prime cost report.

Track recipes

Create an unlimited number of sub-recipes and map them to the menu items imported from your POS system to the restaurant inventory software so you can see actual versus theoretical reports and visualize menu engineering data.

Control costs

Keep costs under control and avoid manual invoice entry with automated vendor invoicing. Receive warnings when prices are above normal.

Achieve Consistent Production Across Locations

Maintain consistent production practices and use ingredients evenly across all of your restaurant locations while streamlining the ordering and fulfillment process.

Templatize ordering

Create a commissary template within the restaurant inventory software. All of your locations can then use the template to simplify ordering from the commissary.

Schedule orders automatically

Put the commissary template on a schedule so that it automatically shows up for location managers to create their orders.

Ensure even commissary costs

Attribute markups to specific items as needed to even out the operation costs at the commissary.

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