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Experience the Future of Restaurant Inventory Management

Get better information with less effort so all your managers can control food costs like the very best. Uncover your restaurants’ hidden food cost problems with the most powerful, easy-to-use system – a system that’s fully connected to your POS and was built by restaurant operators, for restaurant operators.

Help all of Your Managers Perform at Their Peak With R365 Inventory + Scheduling

Control Food Costs with Smart Ordering and Prep

Don’t let another penny slip through your managers’ hands because of missing food cost information. Give all your managers easy-to-understand information to purchase and prep like pros.

Purchase The Right Amount

Keep more money in your bank instead of on the shelf. Make it easy for managers to purchase inventory based on your restaurants’ valuable forecast data instead of last week’s orders.

Use The Right Amount

Log prep recipes to see over/under production trends and get data-driven suggestions on how much to prepare.

Pay The Right Price

Easily catch pricing errors and contract violations BEFORE paying an invoice.

Simplify Inventory Management with Mobile Counting

Get a better pulse of your restaurants’ inventory with robust tracking tools. Complete administrative tasks quicker so you and your managers can get the vital information needed to control food costs.

Count Inventory Quicker

Easily count inventory on your phone or tablet to immediately see the impact on your P&L.

Customize Shelf To Sheet On The Go

Easily change the order of your stock count list from any mobile device.

Map Your Recipes To Unlock Powerful Insights

Map ingredients to your recipes using sales data from your POS and AP data from vendors to automatically generate powerful reports and tools that help your bottom line.

Increase Your Bottom Line with Menu Engineering

Increase your profits by promoting higher-margin menu items and encouraging customers to buy what you want them to buy.

See How Your Menu Items Compare

Easily see how similar menu items compare to each other in terms of popularity and profitability.

Know Exactly What To Do With Each Menu Item

Reduce portion size? Raise the price? Reposition an item on the menu? Let Restaurant365 crunch the data so you know the best path forward for each item.

Maximize Your Menu’s Profitability

Increase sales of high-profit items, increase the margins of your popular items, and know which items to remove from your menu to maximize profitability.

Save on Food Costs with AvT Analysis

Track actual vs. theoretical (AvT) food costs to easily hone in on locations, food categories, and ingredients that are inflating your food cost by seeing the variance between what your costs were and what they should have been.

See The Effectiveness Your Food Cost Controls

Identify gaps in the execution of food cost controls and address those gaps to add money to your bottom line.

Prioritize Your Efforts On The Areas With Highest Variance

See variances by location, food category, and ingredient so you can focus your attention where it is needed most.

Accurately Track Multi-Location Inventory Transfers

Easily track transfers between stores with two-sided approvals to get fast and accurate CoGS for each location.

Avoid Waste, Reduce Errors, Control Portions And Prevent Theft

Get tighter control of your food costs by understanding why variances are happening. Drill down to the transactions that contributed to your actual cost so you can uncover hidden food cost problems.

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